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How do I make my fire wire 400 connected external 500 gb lacie hard drive show as a local drive as apposed to a removable drive on Windows XP. I wanted to use it for my surveillance system but the sorftware doesnt recognize removable drives.
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  1. Remove the drive from the enclosure and hook it via SATA or eSATA with no card should work also.
  2. Set the "optimized for performance" option instead of "optimized for quick removal"; that might solve the application refusing to use it. If you disconnect the cable though, its possible to have filesystem corruption. That's why by default its optimized for quick removal, which means disable write back mode and use write through mode.
  3. I tried Settting the "optimized for performance" but windows still sees it as a "removable drive". My software still wont see it as well.

    Funny thing is I have a 2 Gig USB flash drive that once plugged in, windows sees it as a local drive and my software recognizes it. Go figure.

    As far as connecting it as SATA, well this defies my intent of the external drive.

    I'm stumped, I appreciate your suggestions but surely theres gotta be a solution to this.
  4. Well one option would be to not use Firewire but use eSATA instead. You can buy a simple SATA -> eSATA backplate which just turns a few of your internal SATA ports into eSATA ports. The computer can't really know this is an external drive; because it uses the same internal interface.

    So this would solve your problem, but you might need a new external casing supporting eSATA.
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