64-bit CPU + Windows x64 = Higher CPU Temps?

The day before I installed Vista x64 for the first time, I blew out my case with come compressed air, which really cleaned it out nicely. Next time it boots up I install Vista, and it's not until a day later that I realize that my CPU temps are skyrocketing! Something has caused the temps to go up about 8 or 9 degrees Celcius!

The CPU fan and heatsink were not touched while I was cleaning out the case, and the ambient temperature hasn't really changed at all from before.

My initial suspicion was that my move from a 32-bit OS to 64-bit might be the cause. However, that wouldn't explain why my CPU now overclocks less and still runs a little hotter while in the BIOS! I can't even get the same overclock that I could achieve before with the same voltage settings!

Has anyone experienced higher temps from moving to Vista x64? Any other ideas of what could be the cause? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Make sure that the pins holding the CPU cooler down are in tight.
  2. I do not believe that moving from 32bit to 64bit would cause temps to be higher. Yes the CPU is pushing through much longer code but that doesn't raise the temp.

    I agree with the guy above. Check your HSF and make sure it is sitting properly. If need be reseat the HSF and clean the old thermal stuff off and add in some nice AS5.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions. It has AS5 on it right now, and like I said, the HSF hasn't been intentionally touched, but since it is a possibility I'll give it a shot when I get home.

    I've been googling around and found that others have had the same problem switching to a 64-bit OS, even Linux!

    So I guess the question is: Can anyone say they've gone from x86 to x64 without a significant temperature jump?
  4. Both my E4400 (XP Home 32 / Linux F08 32bit) and Q6600 (Vista 64bit) run idle at 30C Tcase. I wouldn't say it's the OS version.
  5. I went from 32 bit XP to XP64 on one computer and to Vista 64 on another computer without any temperature change at all. My overclocks were unaffected as well. If anything, running 64 bit code is more efficient and should lower the number of cycles that the processor does for a given amount of work, thus lowering the temps.
  6. you might have blown a connector to be unplugged.
  7. There should be no difference. reinstall the heatsink with fresh thermal compund. It may have been knocked loose.
  8. Reason being is that 64 bit processing uses more of the processor parts to process the 64 stuff... makes more heat... heat reduces overclock...

    I only vague know this. Sorry I can't help you much more =(
  9. x64 made no difference to me in comparison to x32-86 at all in terms of heat. sound to my you have a generic case of 'fan clog' or 'cooler dismount' is it a stock intel cooler? if so they can be dismember it to separate parts. fan and heat sink, real easy, then just make sure there is no dust in it anywhere. then reassemble and mount the processor with a small amount of AS5 or alternative. and if temps are still high post back.

    also what fan?
    what CPU model?

    the only thing i could think of is that becasue desktop chip are not true x64 chip (unlike itanium) that there might be an issue witht the module in the cpu which is reponsible of emt64.
  10. I went from 32bit XP to 64bit Vista Ultimate and I didnt have a change of OC and didnt notice a change in temp.

    I too think that you need reinstall the heatsink.

    Also, you say compressed air... Did you use an air compressor? if so, 2 potential issues, 1 being high air pressure causes things to move (read heatsink, fan connection etc) and 2, oil in the air.....

    Good luck
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