Need help on 4850/4870 and mobo

Hello guys ! First of all let me say I appreciate you guys helping people out with crucial questions regarding their pc's whether it's for first time builders like me or just for people looking for some tips.
My question to you guys is simply ... I need a cheap yet good-fit mobo to support a non crossfire build with a 4870. I need it to to be around the $120 max range in Canadian dollars.. I really can't push the price because I already have the rest of my setup listed...
It is really between getting a 4850 and a decent crossfire mobo or a 4870 and a non crossfire build. I really cant push my $1000 budget by a penny, as I'm already scraping money in as it is. What are your guys thoughts on this ? Should i just stick with a 4850 on this budget or should i tweak some thing's out to get the 4870? Thanks ahead of time !

It looks like this incase this may help you pick one:

Corsair™ 4Gb PC6400 XMS2 DDR2 TwinX Matched Pair Series (TWIN2X4096-6400C5) $109.99
Intel® Core™2 Duo E8400, 3.00-GHz @ 1333Mhz w/ 6Mb Cache (Socket 775) (Retail Box) w/ Heat Sink & Fan $179.99
Asus® Radeon EAH4870/HTDI/512M - Radeon™ HD4870 VPU w/512Mb DDR5 & PCI Express 2.0 (Retail Box) $299.99 (with another$30.00 MIR)
320GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 SATAII-300 7200RPM 16Mb OEM $59.99
CoolerMaster® CM690 ATX Case (Black) $79.99
OCZ GameXStream 600W SLI ATX 12V Ver 2.2 Power Supply (Retail Box) $94.99($30.00 Mail in rebate)
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  1. You definitely need a P45 board then. I think 1 American dollar is like 94 Canadian cents right now. Anyway you should look at this


    or this

    MSI P45 Neo2-FR LGA 775

    Of course you could switch over to an AMD Crossfire board and get this motherboard

    GIGABYTE GA-MA790X-DS4 $129.38 US with shipping

    and go with a
    AMD Phenom 9750 $164
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