I7 920 + ram problems overclocking?

I'm overclocking my i7 920 and anytime i take the processor above 3.3ghz no matter the ram settings no matter how much voltage and how low the speed is on the ram i cant even pass the windows memory test before i boot into windows but i can pass it and prime 95 @ 3.24ghz. Do i have bad ram or is it just bad for overclocking or what?
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  1. In prime 95 my temperaters don't excede 79C

    My sig is with turbo mode on it just turns it back on always for some reason, i keep turning it off.
  2. i ran the cpu at stock settings and took the ram up to 1600mhz at 1.65v and i got an FF error on my motherboard.
  3. Found the problem i'm not at 3.64ghz @ 1.364Vcore under load but im not sure if i should go higher because bumping it up to boot at 3.7ghz i go to 1.376vcore which is above intels recommended on newegg?
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