Need more than 4gigs for gaming?

Greetings everyone,

im building/or ordering a new pc, (it will be used almost exclusively for gaming) and i keep going back and forth in my head to get Vista 64bit so that im not limited to 4 gigs of Ram.

So my question is: Is there really any need for going more than 4 gigs of ram for gaming? or would a 32big Vista work for my just as well? id like 6 or more Gigs of ram but if its pointless then i will save myself some cash...any opinions or facts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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  1. i would personally say, get 4GB of ram in 2x2GB so you can add more if you ever need to. but at this point in time, more than 4 gigs isn't really necessary for gaming. for other uses, it has its benefits though. and make sure you get vista x64 for >4GB.
  2. If you have the money get 8gb, if you dont and you are on a budget get 4 and put the money saved onto a better GPU youll notice it more.
  3. You don't need more than 4 for gaming at all, but you should still get 64bit Vista even if you only get 4gb.
  4. well I think its a matter of time , 64bit OS will know how to manage this thing.
    right now its truly pointless to waste money over this , but I believe that soon enough we will find more and more games , OS & Applications that will require 64bit .

    by the way I think quad core will be the same , right now its pointless but soon enough it will be necessary.
  5. With the exception for certain mods for Civilization 4 (out of memory errors with 6GB memory; priceless :D), you don't need more than 4GB. Heck, in XP, 2GB is still plenty.

    I remember when Tom's did the 2GB, 3GB, and 4GB DDR2 comparisions a while back (forgot the OS used though...). After 2GB, there were no performance increases.
  6. No need for more than 4GB.

    But be advised that you are running into OS addressing limits - There's 4GB worth of addresses, but the OS has to talk to a lot more than just your RAM. System needs come first: Bios, installed devices, communications, and basically anything with memory mapped I/O. The biggest single consumer being your video card(s). So even if you feel you don't "need" a 64 bit OS, you may be best served by using one. Especially if you plan on really big single cards and/or an SLI/Crossfire setup.
  7. In a 32-bit system, you won't get all 4 Gb's of memory. I believe your system will use some and you will see only around 3 Gb's. Better to go with 64-bits with 4Gb.
  8. Well if you have a weird ass system like me you will play Crysis on the last level and your computer will use all 4GB and you won't be able to play that level...Ugh so annoying..

    I'm re-installing Crysis right now to see what happens.
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