Another Q6600 CPU Overlocking.. Read for more info

Hey i couldest find any charts that involve the Q6600 in over clocking with the voltage at the lowest.. Well e.g. 2.4Ghz Lowest Voltage on stress test 2.5Ghz voltage on stress test.

Atm i can do 1.300V in BIOS and im at the clock of 2.8.

P.S is there really much of a difference from the 2.4 to my clock?

Can i run my Q6600 at stock with 1.2voltage <<will it be safe?

Thanks all

My setup:
gigabyte ga-73pvm-s2h
2x2GB RAM (cheap samsung one) 800Mhz
Q6600 @ 2.8
8800Gt Alpha Dog 512MB Version
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  1. 1.2v is stock
    i run 1.4500v because i run mine at 3.4ghz

    what do you mean safe?
    intel says not to go over 1.4v so yes your safe....
  2. ah k ya i was abit silly asking about safe lol But is there any differance in games with the overclock im on? im not sure if i do notice any...
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