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Question: Can i do a repair install with xp sp3 oem-coa?

I have a box and on it is XP Win Home SP3 OEM-COA that needs a repair install. (Full install is not an option at this stage). I have an XP Win Pro SP3 OEM-COA cd but the repair install option is not available when i try to repair it. So.....

1.Can it be done through Recovery Console?
2.Can it be done inside windows? ie: boot into windows, load cd and run install.
3.Can it be done with a Win Home XP SP3 OEM-COA cd? and
4.Can it be done at all?

All are genuine number and cds from Microsoft. All have COA with them.

Please help!!
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  1. Michael Stevens has a clear explanation at this website. Please read it through before you start.
  2. Thank you very much for your quick reply. I have read that article a few times and it didn't answer my question but im in the process of trying a few things.

    Thanks again.
  3. Summary: You run the install CD as though you are doing a clean install (no Repair Console); when you get to the screen where Windows wants to install to a drive, it will tell you there is a version of Windows on Drive X, and it will ask if you want to repair it? That's when you select Yes. The repair, basically re-sets your windows install to its original settings without affecting your drivers and programs. It does strip away all the security updates, so after it completes the repair install, you have to go back to windows update to doownload and install them.
  4. No, you CANNOT repair a Windows XP Home installation with a Windows XP Pro CD.
  5. Thanks people. This issue has been solved.
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