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Does anyone know if it is possible to run two different graphics cards in the same PC? I have a ASUS K8V-SE Duluxe MB with an AGP slot occupied with an ATI Radeon 9800 PRO card running two monitors. I want to add an nvidia 5500 PCI (not express) video card to run another monitor. Does anyone know if this will work?
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  1. Yes it will. I used to have a friend who day traded had 6 monitors hooked up to 3 different video cards. You should have no problem with just two of them.
  2. What OS are you using? I know people have had bad luck with mixing video card manufacturers in Vista.
  3. I'm running Windows 2000 Professional

    I know it is possible to run multiple cards I am just not clear if you can run two different brands and one in an AGP slot and one in a PCI slot.

    I also trade the market and will evenually have 6 monitors but the setup to do that is a MB with 3 PCIe slots and 3 identical video cards.

    Thanks for the help.
  4. I do not think that is possible. You would need to video cards that use the same video driver. There is only one video driver in windows.
  5. Thanks hsarc. That's what I was concerned about. I didn't know if windows would recognize two different drivers and for that matter two different brand video cards.

    If anyone else has any thoughts on this I would like to hear them.
  6. Actually it will work. I know it works in XP/Vista (although I have heard there are some problems when trying with Vista) so I doubt it will be much different with Windows 2000.
  7. Thanks yadga. I have the nvidia card on the way and will post the results here when I get it.
  8. You can mix video card brands in XP, and Im sure you can in 2K.
  9. Thanks Kaldor,

    Some have said yes and some have said no. I have purchased a used nVidia 5500 video card on the hope that it will work. I will be receiving the card on Monday the 7th of July and will try to install it. I will post the results here so we can lay the issue to rest. Thanks again to you and all the others for your participation.
  10. NP,
    Vista has an issue where only one video driver can be installed. XP doesnt and I would be willing to bet 2k doesnt either.
  11. Hi Guys, i want to achieve 10 separate displays using 2x Leadtek Quadro NVS 450 - $611 and 2 built-in MB display ports. Leadtek Quadro NVS 450 card uses PCIe16, i'm afraid that if i plug in the Quadro card it would disable the onboard graphic card which mean i can only achieve 8 displays. Does anyone know any MB that accept 2 graphic cards but not disable the built-in graphic card.

    Thanks heaps
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