vista reboot loop after adding new ram

problem :
after i have installed two new ram sticks vista doesnt want to run and it reboots every time i start the computer after choosing start windows normally it also reboots in safe mode after loading crcdisk.sys and it do the same thing when booting from vista cd and choosing repair windows.

ram= 2X512 mb infineon ddr1 (pc3200) 400 mhz

computer specs:
mobo: MSI 865gvm3-v
processor: 3.06 GHZ celeron D
ram : 2X512 infineon ddr1 ram 400 mhz
vga : asus (nvidia) fx5200 128mb
os : vista home premium

what i have tried:
-using only one stick >> worked (both ram sticks worked alone)
-updating windows then adding the other stick >> same reboot problem
-windows vista memtest when both ram sticks are installed >> it rebooted in the second pass

any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance...
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  1. I believe putting the second stick in, buffled the memory controller. What i would do in your case is:
    1) Increase Vmem voltage (the voltage that goes to your memory)
    2) Increase the Vnb voltage (voltage that goes to northbridge) - Northbridge is the chip that usually contains the memory controller.
    3) Increase the memory timings a bit (eg. from 4-4-4-12 to 5-5-5-15)
    4) Change the memory strap (eg. from 333MHz to 266MHz or vice versa)

    Good luck!
  2. thanks for responding
    but my problem is that the bios is very simple and doesnt allow me to do all this things ( i could only change the memory strap speed ) and there is no bios upgrade for my mobo.

    my problem that the computer doest accept more than 512 mb ram
    adding any more ram will cause windows not to open or some times when it opens it becomes unstable and compter could restart at any time

    also it is not os problem cause it happened also in xp.
  3. Sorry mate, but if your BIOS does not allow you to change basic stuff like memory voltage, then the only option left would be to find a hardware mod (mod short for modification) to increase the voltages of the memory and the Northbridge.

    In my opinion, first of all a board that doesn't allow you to change any of those settings is not worthy at all. See for your self, buying extra RAM and you can't use it because you can't access any of those settings in the BIOS. That is ridiculous. Anyway, your best bet would be to email your motherboard manufacturer and tell them your problem. Maybe they have a workaround. Otherwise... you are stuck with the extra RAM and a crappy motherboard.

    PS: Did you check your manual if your motherboard actually supports the memory you bought? Some mobos don't support double sided memory sticks etc... it may be one of those weird mobos. Your manual should state that. What kind of memory modules it accepts and in what places (DIMM slots) and what configurations.
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