Problem with sata drives installing windows7/Vista.

I tried installing windows 7 and then my licensed windows Vista. My PC has 2 WesternDigital 640GB Sata Drives. Every time i try to install the drives it tells me that there are no drives detected.
I am kind of stuck and I have no idea what to do. Everything is brand new.
If you have some questions i can provide you with every detail you ask.
I hope some one knows how to fix the issue. Thank you very much.
Constantin Chirila
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  1. Also go into the BIOS Setup screens on bootup and make sure that you have the SATA ports Enabled. when you do this, you can set the mode to either native SATA or AHCI - both Vista and Win 7 can handle these just fine. You do not need to use IDE or PATA Emulation, and do NOT set it to RAID unless you actually plan to make your disks a RAID array.
  2. Thank you guys for your prompt answers. After a long reading and tests i reached to the conclusion that one of the hard drives was corrupt.
    So i've sent it to warranty but until then i installed the windows and everything works fine just on a sata2 hard drive :)

    Again, thank you for your help.
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