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Hi guys,

I have been reading a lot of overclocking guides and results of the overclocking. I know that every chip is not made exactly the same. After countless tries, I finally managed to OC my e7400 to 3.8 Ghz. However, I realized that I have a really high temperature when loading prime95. My idle temp is 42 - 44 degree. But, my high load temp could go up to 75 degree. I know the MAX temperature for this chip is 74.1 degree which now becomes my concern because my chip could go higher than that.
I realize that my temperature is that high because of my CPU Vcore. It is set at 1.54375V which is a lot higher than what I expected. I have tried to up the NB voltage and lowered the cpu vcore but had no luck making it stable. Could anyone with pro-ness in overclocking help me out with this issue other then bringing back my OC to 3.6ghz? I saw some people managed to get to 4 ghz with only 1.35V or something like that which is a lot lower than my cpu Vcore right now yet higher frequency. Could I be doing something very wrong? Your help is greatly appreciated. Below are my screenshots of my bios and temperature measurement.

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  1. Your voltage is way too high. The maximum it should be set to is 1.4V in the bios. Manually set it. Don't use auto. I have an e7200, and the maximum I could get it stable was 3.7Ghz with 1.4V. Each chip overclocks differently.
  2. HOLY SH!T!!! what are you doing with that vcore the max for a 45nm core 2 duo is 1.3625. Ive got mine at 4GHz with 1.36v, a 400mhz bus speed, and a 10x multiplier. Ive got my Northbridge and Southbridge at 1.38v. so lower you southbridge, which has nothing to do with overclocking, and raise your northbridge. make sure your memory can support speeds up to 800mhz. Also raise your FSB ( front side bus voltage ) but not much higher than 1.36 either. My FSB is at 1.33v. Set your RAM to a 1:1 ratio with your bus speed which looks like its under your "FSB to Northbridge strap" Assuming you havent already damaged your chip, you might get a decent overclock. Also make sure youve got a decent cooler. Ive got an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro ($30 on newegg) and with the stock paste it idles at 31*C and maxes out under non synthetic load at 56*C. Prime it hits 71*C
  3. Yeah i currently have my southbridge at minimum voltage. My North bridge range is from 1.1-1.4 V and i am currently at 1.2V. I can only up or down it 0.1V each time. So, the next closest one is 1.3V. I tried 1.3V and even 1.4V already and i can't get it stable below Cpu Vcore 1.5375V. That's why i have been thinking if I have a bad chip. My Memory is corsair dual channel 2 x 2gb 5-5-5-18 @1.8V 800mHz but I set the DRAM to 2.2V to make my OC stable. I have a sunbeam core contact freezer heat sink with artic silver 5. In the beginning, I started with 1.3V and increase 0.00625V every time until i finally get it stable at 1.5375V which is obviously out of control now. Any other people that could help me out there, please do. Thanks in advance.
  4. Set the fsb at 400 and your fsb strap at 333Mhz. Also put your ratio setting at 9.0, make sure your memory is 1:1 ratio and set your NB Voltage at 1.3-1.4V. Try keeping our memory voltage and timings at stock. After its all said and done you should have a CPU frequency of 3.6Ghz.

    Edit: Sorry I did not read the part where you don't want to bring it back to 3.6Ghz although I feel this is plenty for you CPU.
  5. As ragsters said, change your fsb strap to 333 or 400 and set your dram freq to 760 and lower your memory voltage.

    AND YES it would be a good idea to lower your vcore. Recommended max is 1.3625v and absolute max is 1.450v (but Intel does state anything over 1.3625v will degrade the chip, they just can't say how much or how long it will take).
  6. Thanks for the reply and suggestion. One more thing i would like to know. Which one is going to damage a cpu? the high voltage or the high temperature? I mean I know high temp will definitely destroy a chip. How about if I have a very high voltage but low temp, will it still destroy a chip? If it will, then I don’t see a point to use a water cooling at all since the high voltage will destroy the chip anyway even though the cpu is cold. This is not particularly apply to my case. I just would like to have the knowledge of it. Thanks in advance for all the replies and helps.
  7. I used your settings on the screen above and set core voltage to 1.3250 multiplier by 10.5 FSB strap 333 FSB speed 380 set NB to 1.30 left south bridge and DRAM voltage alone and am sitting at 4Ghz while idle 49C but case temp is 38 C
    (that is assuming that these temps are correct)
    also left my DRAM timings alone and set AI twister to Stronger
    Disabled Spread Spectrum on Both CPU GTL reference is at your settings on screen... you almost have it correct to get to 4Ghz... turn down your CPU voltage up your NB voltage to 1.30 set your strap to 333 and your multiplier to 10.5
    the DRAM timings are yours to mess around with
    BTW i have not tested if this is stable in Windows.. i have not got it installed right now.. i will reply shortly when i do tho

    EDIT: set clock to regular and installed vista... got things running then went back to my 4GHZ clock... was not stable till 3.8GHZ... still working to acheive 4GHZ.. Idle temp at 3.8GHZ is: 36 C Full load prime95 heat test : 71 C (stock cooler)

    BTW my board is a P5Q SE Plus... not a Pro.. not much of a difference...
  8. I could overclock this chip to 3.5GHz with 1.293V and ran 5 and 1/2 hours of Prime95 (small fft) without any errors. In addition, I also ran 3 hours of Prime95 (blend) without any errors or warnings.

    Basically, FSB is set to 333MHz and multiplier at x10.5

    Temp at idle is 42 C
    Temp at load is 58 C

    I know all chips aren't made equal but you could use it as a sort of benchmark. At 1.5V is definitely too high and way over specification which could kill your chip pretty soon. Try to get it under 1.4V if possible.
  9. Its meant to use 2 primes to stress ur both cores, 1 Dosent make sense next time use 2 orthos and u will see reslult.
  10. im also running 1.07 Vcore right now on my e7400 but im going with unlinked to find out what my lowest Vcore voltage will start at. Then i will go from there and find the most stable Fsb.
  11. Hello. I have a E7400 overclocked to 3635 Mhz stable

    I bought Coolermaster V8 and unfortunately I wasn't able to reach 4Ghz

    My motherboard is nForce 730i

    I will really appreciate some pointers, I know this thread is all but hey, it never hurts to try

    I will like to know what is that north and southbridge voltage, and where do I change that, and if changing that will help me reach better numbers

    I've reached 3.72Ghz and is stable with Adobe Premiere CS5, but unstable with games such as Total War (Napoleon, Empire, Medieval)

    For some reason, those games are great overclock testers, they will let you know when you've overclocked too much

  12. Jesus, thread hi-jacking central in here.

    OP: Try raising your VTT (FSB Termination Voltage). Keep it under 1.4v, if I remember right.

    The rest of you that aren't helping the OP. Start your own thread.
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