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helo everyone i dont know nothing about computers hoping any of yous can help me this weekend my mobo got fried dont know why last thing i did was install a graphic card on a verry old mobo now im trying to replace it but i have no luck everywhere i look its discontinued . im looking for a mobo that has and supports the following ( amd athlon xp chip 5 pci slots or 4 usb 2.0 hubs and can hold more then 2gb of memory and takes DDR memory , im looking for something that wont lag thanks a lot
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  1. I suggest troubleshooting with the board to make sure the MoBo is the issue (have you verified the PSU didn't blow, etc?), there are numerous other possibilities.

    This one is on sale cheap (but only supports 2 GB of memory and has 4 PCI slots) has 3 listed but all are out of stock (and god knows if they will bother restocking I rather guess they won't).

    Ebay has some listed as well. I would just search around if you insist on staying with the Athlon XP.
  2. i try to trouble shoot and what i can say is there is a really small light on the board that lights up eveytime i power up how ever my screen dont turn on and my graphic pci cards fan wont run and all hard drives are runing also the first time this happen this really bad smell came from the board and i powered off and back on and smoke started coming from behind the chip but im looking at the chip and see no signs off damage
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