Very difficult to boot up my computer..Help

Hi there, 1st time posting here not sure how it goes......sorry if i double posted..

Been having a hard time booting up my computer.
B4 it was fine... after doing some overclocking to my comp and running it for several months the problem came.....
i have the following specs
Processor: AMD Athlon x2 3800 (Manchester Core) (overclocked to 2.6ghz before with 1.7v vcore voltage)
Motherboard: DFI NF4-SLI (939)
Ram:2gb Crucial DDR-400

Now everything set to default still very hard to boot up the computer. The computer will power on but no bios screen and the BEEP sound. Need to hit reset buttons many times b4 it will boot up and then an error msg appears saying system now is in safe mode press f1 to continue or press f2 to enter bios...

What's the prob??? HELP!!!

Thanks a lot....
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  1. Have you reset the CMOS jumper to default the BIOS including resetting the 1.7v Vcore to 1.5v? Unplug the PSU and remove the battery when you reset the jumper.
  2. Battery is low and need replacing.
  3. I have done all of that... everything default. even clean my heatsink and reapply the thermal paste... temp reading is 36 degree celsius.
  4. A couple of things. Try one DIMM RAM in slot 1 only. Run memtest. Also, will the system boot to a Windows XP disk like you are going to install Windows XP? The OS may be corrupted from crashing and corrupting files in the process. May consider reinstalling the OS after troubleshooting the hardware.
  5. battery low??? my bios setting will stay... the date and time still gd.. i though when running out of battery every setting will be set to default including time and date but mine won't...
    plus i think computer still will boot properly without battery rite??
  6. Can you get in to BIOS to default it? If not, try unplugging the hard drive to get to BIOS that way, then default.
  7. i'm running windows vista at the moment... my windows is fine no prob at all...
    Some times it will sucessfully boot up and loggin into windows just fine... everything working perfectly... but when u shut down and try to boot it up again... the troubles begins.. Hitting reset button at least 20 times to get the bios boot screen and with an error msg as i mention above but it will loggin to windows just fine..
    CLEARED Cmos, everything default
    JUST HAVING big trouble getting the bios boot screen
    i've also tried unplugging every hardware.. leaving only a graphic card, and a ram (tried every ram slot)... still the same prob..
    also tried changing a PSU. No help.... still the same
  8. Well, I am speculating here, but it sounds like you have troubleshot your hardware and found no problems. When your OS crashes some corruption of the installation may occur. You may have to try reinstalling the Vista OS. If you have a spare HD available, hook it up and try installing the OS on there and see if it boots properly. Best I can come up with.
  9. Badge is on to something. If the boot sector is corrupted you could have this problem. Try this link - This will eliminate the software side of the diffirental diganose of the system. Don't make the mistake of assuming that windows is just fine. The system is going to safe mode because the full windows set will not load. Try the boot sector fix first. Good luck.
  10. thanks for your help. I dun think is my os prob.... i've unplug my hardisk and it still won't boot up in the bios boot up screen.. that's my main prob is bios boot up at the very beginning(only non-stop hitting reset button will have some luck for a boot).After the lucky boot from non-stop reset and hit the f1 button to continue it will boot into windows just fine. Will flashing bios help?? Kinda scare to try flashing bios.
  11. my windows is not in safe mode.... (system now is in safe mode) << this is displayed on the bios boot up screen with all the detecting hardisk, cd-rom, ram, and processor. The very 1st screen u see when u power on ur comp...
  12. did u try booting at ur default clock but with a increased voltage......i think ur OC at 1.7V had an negative effect on ur CPU which, I QOUTE: "degraded" to the point where slightly more core voltage is needed for stable operation.
    i could be wrong but i found this in a thread which linked to a article at
  13. oh that's interesting.... i'll try increasing voltage slightly see if it helps... THANKS a lot for helping and the article...
  14. jt350z said:
    oh that's interesting.... i'll try increasing voltage slightly see if it helps... THANKS a lot for helping and the article...

    no problem

    let us no if it solves the problem......i am trying to understand the effect of Overvolting as im trying to decide if i should get a q6600 and OC it or get a higher clocked stock cpu.
  15. $27.99 would confirm any degradation to your 3800X2. Also, yiou mentioned flashing the BIOS. It's possible the BIOS has corrupted or otherwise failed in some manner. You mentioned flashing the BIOS which may be your only other option. Which Mb do you have? Instructions are in the MB manual. New 939 MB's are hard to come by, so proceed with caution.
  16. sarwar_r87 said:
    no problem

    let us no if it solves the problem......i am trying to understand the effect of Overvolting as im trying to decide if i should get a q6600 and OC it or get a higher clocked stock cpu.

    Interesting delima you are considering. OCing the Q6600 to anything above 3.2GHz. may not be worth the costs, trouble and potential consequenses of overvolting it to 3.2GHz or so. 3.6GHz would certainly require a load of voltage above the unit's maximum 'safe' limit. A higher clocking, superior arcitectured 45nm processor may be the way to go considering what you know and your situation. From the last paragraph in the Anandtech artice you posted:

    However, if it comes down to the choice between a 65nm and 45nm CPU we would pick the latter every time - they are just that good.
  17. hey guys... increasing the voltage doesn't help... just had nightmare booting up my comp just now..
    i don't think my cpu suffer from degradation yet. I've only overclocked it for like 4 or 5 months and the problem came and i declocked it immediately.
    i think i would try flashing the bios... but need to get a floppy drive and some diskett 1st.
    oh ya... my mainboard is DFI infinity NF4-SLI
    if flashing bios doesn't help again... i think i will leave my comp on 24/7.
  18. we have shops in our country who have stocks old CPU and MB for reselling purpose.......if u have a shop like that, u could take it to them and have it checked.......or u could try a friend if any of them have a 939 MB
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