Computer keeps freezing and lagging

ok so im gonna be as detailed as i can about my problem, yesterday i decided to clean up my pc a bit to gain more memory and to make it run a bit faster. so i started uninstalling unused programs and did disk clean up clearing out whatever i didnt use. then i started ending processes cause i had way to many that i didnt recognize and i ended the cleanup with a disk defrag that took all day. now im not sure exactly where i went wrong trying to retrace my steps in my mind but i did end the process of taskeng.exe cause i saw there was two of them. well of course my windows totally disappeared leaving just my background wallpaper, though everything usually pops back up, it didnt this time so i was forced to do a hard reset while i was still defragging. which might of been a bad idea cause now everything is messed up. im not sure exactly where i messed up, i may have ended one of the default processes my computer needs to run properly, or maybe restarting when i was still defragging, or it could have been ending the taskeng.exe process that did it.

now everything is lagging and freezing, including windows. i would open a folder navigating through and it would take a long time to load all the way even freezing to the point of making it "not responding". it also freezes my mpc player while watching something for about 10 seconds then starting again and freezing everyone once in a while also to the point of "not responding" until it goes back to normal. navigating through firefox is the same deal, it lags and freezes while watching something and even going through pages it does it to the point of "not responding" constantly especially if i have more then 2 tabs open. it goes away if i dont do anything but it freezes every couple of minutes or so. now i dont think its my computer thats freezing really cause i can still move my mouse through out all of this, and everything else seem to be normal besides the constant freezing.

i have tried to fix it by downloading and using the batch file at thinking it would restore my default processes because i figured thats what was wrong, but still the same problems. so since i have no idea what the hell im doing im just gonna leave everything alone and ask for help before i do more damage.

my specs:
windows vista home premium
service pack 2
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.60GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
3.00 GB ram
32-bit operating system

ps. i would have done a system restore but after doing a windows update and restarting, all of my restore points disappeared and have cease to automatically make any like before.

here are some screenshots of my task manager === my processes === processes for all users === processes for all users cont. === running services === running services cont.

any other info you need just let me know, thanks in advance guys
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  1. id also like to add that sometimes when one screen freezes say like a webpage or a video on firefox, the loading of a folder full of pictures would cease to load as well until the freezing stops. it seems to be connected...
  2. This is what happens when you mess around with processes you don't know anything about. ;)

    Rather than ending processes to get rid of junk and speed up your machine, you should use programs like CCleaner, Malwarebytes or an antivirus software to scan your machine and delete bugs.

    See what happens after you try this.
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