Vista Ultimate and Linksys Routers and USB Card

I have a Windows Vista Ultimate computer (recently built), a Linksys WRT54G router and a Linksys USB Wireless N and backward Wi-Fi card. I also have a Linksys Wireless N rounter, but haven't been able to make that work with Vista Ultimate at all yet. The problem is Ultimate keeps dropping the connection and I have to re-boot to get it back. If the computer isn't used at all for awhile when I return it's back at the sign-in screen, but by then the network connection is lost and the only way to get it back is reboot. Unplugging the Linksys Wi-Fi card or plugging it into another USB port doesn't help.

I also suspect one of my phones is causing havoc with the connection which does not happen on my XP Pro machines at all and they're all in the same room, but problem is secondary to getting the connection to stay up first on the WRT54G Router and then later I'll get the Wireless N Router to work.

Anyone else having problems like this?
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  1. Is your screen saver set to "on resume, display log in screen"?

    Is the computer set to shut down power to the wireless card?
    Check the power options for USB and network adapters.
    Also look at the power tab of the network adapters properties window.

    My cordless phone caused me to change my router to channel 11 because of the interference.
  2. Thanks - changed the Power settings to never turn off the display and never put the computer to sleep. Also set the Wireless Adapter settings to Maximum Performance (assume that means it never goes to sleep) and turned off the disabled the suspend USB with that settting. I do see where it is set to "require password on wakeup", but I can't seem to turn that to "no". Hopefully if it's set to never go to "sleep" that won't occur.

    As far as the channel settings I really need to get my WI-FI N Router to work and fiddle with the channel settings there. Linksys hasn't been much help yet so I reverted back to my older WRT54G which is far more stable than the newer 610N, which is a real pain right now because of lost connectivity.
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