Cursor stuck mouse works tryed it on anthor computer

need mouse driver windows xp
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  1. What type of mouse is it. Most are plug and play compatable. If its a wireless mouse you will have to search the website that you mouse drivers are found. I.E. logitec has a website with a list of drivers for mice that they sell. Otherwise your USB ports could be damaged on that computer. To see if that holds true I would reinstall system drivers and then test to see if you still have the problems.

    Another easy way to see if you having other problems with that computer is to check your device manager and see what it shows there. If there are any red or yellows by your USB roots then you have problems with the drivers or they are bad.
  2. Try pressing the windows key. If that doesn't open the start menu, it's not just a frozen cursor.

    Try booting into safe mode, and see if it works there.
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