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So im an employee of a local computer shop in my area, been doing it for 2 years, and im always doing re installs of windows XP/Vista/7, but the main problem ive been having as of 2-3 months ago. This problem only occurs with any version of windows XP, Pro/Home/Media, at first, i could never install ie8 through windows update. It wouldnt install properly and sometimes i would have to start the installation over and not do it through windows update and do it manually with the downloadable file. So we learned our way around that no problem and its not a hassle to install it seperatly, but the BIGGEST PAIN IN THE A** we are having now is, when we reinstall widows, either on a new HD, Old, or even on a brand new custom built computer.

Ill give you our typical order of processes we do when we reinstall windows.

1. save any information for the customer, etc
2. we start the installation of windows, using a windows xp/pro SP3 disc so we dont have to do it later down the road
3. go through the entire windows installation, the dos portion, the product entering portion, etc
4. We get all of the drivers while the installation is going, and when the installation is done we insert each driver so the computer is ready to go for internet, video, sound, chipset etc.

(now here is where it makes us mad)
5.USUALLY what we do is install ie8 STRAIGHT from ie6, restart the computer.
6. IE8 is now installed and internet is working fine, so we do the first round of windows updates which is usually anywhere between 70-90 updates.
7. (Here is the problem) now and this is only sometimes, after we restart the computer the internet will not work. The network is active and there is no problems with the ethernet driver because we can connect to our server and our diagnostics machine, but i cannot make any internet connection. I can ping IP address in command prompt. but when i try to ping a website, it says "ping request could not find host" for any website i do.

Also and this is the weirdest part of it all, we can never get it working, wether we reinstall IE8 or update network drivers, etc, but when we reinstall windows, it will work fine the second time.

Too add a little mix into what we do, we sometimes install ie7 then ie8 but i figure it has to be a windows update or something that is causing the internet to stop working.

So if anyone knows anything, please let me know, would save me and my business alot of hassle and time.

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  1. Are you doing the installs off of a SP1 disc?
  2. no, i stated in my post, we use a SP3 disc for windows XP Home and Pro

    and for media center we have a SP2 disc.

    The problem has been perfect since i worked here until the past few months and we have always used SP3 discs.
  3. Also forgot to mention, when we do the reinstall of windows, we completely wipe the HD out while plugged into our machine, we do this before we start the reinstall of windows
  4. Sorry, missed that detail.

    Try doing the updates in smaller bunches, to narrow down a possible problem update.
  5. that was my next thought, i was just hoping for like a knowledge of what update did it though.

    The problem is, is it doesnt always happen and for some reason when i reinstall windows after it crashes, it works fine, so if its an update, wouldnt it always be there?
  6. bump
  7. Pardon me but,,, me thinks that the problem lies with one of your updates, the fact that after the 2nd install of windoze everything works would so indicate this, update is snafuing the tcp stack, i would check the updates to see what one are/might be affecting said stack..
    ??Question does the end user REALLY need ALL those updates, i have never updated windoze, except for once and the whole thing had to be replaced,,, used my ghost image, personally i would only apply the updates that are needed, not a wholesale and indiscriminate upload, but then i do not run any microsucks blofartware....:)
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