getting a Intel e2180 unless an AMD chip can top it

Just wondering if thier is anything on AMDs side that can outperform Intels e2180 for about the same price. It would be between the e2180 and it looks like for that price anything from the AMD Athlon 64 X2 line 4450e and under. Im not very tech savy at all and dont know who was winning the processer race at the time.Im just trying to cover my bases before i order all of my parts for my first build on Monday.
This will also help me make my final motherboard selection to obviously. As always ty for any help you can give me.
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  1. Well, it depends on what your're going to do. If you Overclock the E2180 you can easily reach 3.6. AMD aren't as good overclockers, but personally i would go for the intel. If your an AMD fan you can try the AMD 4000+ x2. I heard 3.2 is easily obtainable with the 4000+. Pair it with a decent cool( Zalman 9700)
  2. Ok vouslavous ty. If the e2180 can overclock like a beast i will go that way. Im getting this with the stock fan and heat sink. Have you seen what it can be oced to stock at all if any? Or should i just buy the chip without the fan and heatsink which is also an option for me and buy those seperately.
  3. Looks like i will buy the e2180 as a package. Looked around and people are saying they can get 3.3 on stock cooling. Thats plenty for me.
  4. Just make sure you get a motherboard that will overlock well. A mistake I made years ago when I bought my Opteron 165 (1.8ghz). I got one of the best ones (by it's code) but my board limits me to about 2.25ghz, while mine should've easily hit 2.8ghz+ (top performance in ita day before Core2's).
  5. Ok ty Noya ill take note of that. How do i know if the motherboard is a good overclocker or not though? Are thier any name brands that are notriously better at overclocking then others or is it just a case of make or model? Also an easy interface would be nice because this is gonna be my first time overclocking.
  6. I just got a new biostar and they are great ! They auto overclock, but if you want manual, they wont let you put in a setting that will hurt your system, and if you screw up so the system cant boot, it will reset itself to stock if you power on and off a cpl times...

    A T series is a good board for a beginner, and good price too ! I am totally happy with mine so far. Gotta go change my rig in the sig line cause my ECS 780gm-a died.

    Anyhow a Biostar T series is a great board !
  7. Asus, DFI, Gigabyte boards if you want to over clock. these are the best.. just find a P35 board that has features you want out of these and get it..
  8. Picking the right motherboard is always a good place to start...

    GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P45: $117
    MSI K9A2 CF-F V2 AM2+/AM2 AMD 790X ATX: $104

    As far as the cpu goes, at stock a comparable cpu to the e2180 would be ...

    Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Brisbane 2.6GHz AM2 65W: $66
  9. bechidow said:
    Looks like i will buy the e2180 as a package. Looked around and people are saying they can get 3.3 on stock cooling. Thats plenty for me.

    I'd be wary of such claims, 3.3GHz generally requires a voltage bump, and the stock HSF gets hot enough at 3GHz / stock volts as it is.

    For example, I can get my E4400 (basically an E2180 with twice the cache) to 3.3GHz on the stock HSF too, but it requires a Vcore of 1.4V (stock is 1.3V) and temps exceed 80C. Its stable, but I'm not comfortable running my CPU at such temps long term. Backing it down to 3GHz / 1.3V, the temps are much more reasonable at 60 - 65C.

    Not trying to rain on your parade or anything, just setting some realistic expectations for overclocking on the stock HSF.
  10. at 3.0ghz its still going to be a brilliant cpu for the price
  11. This mobo will work well too and a bit less.
  12. The MB zenmaster linked is good, I have my E2160 on that board running at 3GHz with an Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Cooler, can probably go higher but 3GHz is fine for me, is fast and stable and still at stock voltage (1.3v).
  13. Epsilon84 is right, I have the e2180 and it just won't run at 3 Ghz.I tried with 1.35 V but was a no go and I can't go higher cause it was pushing 62 degrees in full load after 1 min of Orthos(before the computer restarted that is ).
    Point is don't take it as a given that you will reach 3 Ghz + that easily, if you decide to buy the e2180, buy yourself a good cooler too.
  14. Hey, can I recommend an MSI Neo2 FR, 3 ghz for my E2160 on stock voltage, no heat probs cause heatpipes are in the perfect position for the coolermaster hyper tx2 to work effectively. I'm sureI could go higher but will only start to push it when i get a new GPU. Ver happy with this setup so far...
  15. Alright guys im gonna go with the e2180. Ill oc with stock cooling and see if i can get the results i want. If not ill go with after market cooling and see if that helps. If i can hit 2.8 to 3 for now ill be more then happy.
    I just have to say that i am very grateful at how many people have been willing to take the time to help me. Im a 1st time builder and you guys have been amazing. Not only for your insight but taking the time to setup links for me you guys are great.
    When i started this build i wanted to stay in the 5 to $600 area. After a week of reading it was looking like id be more in the $1000 to $1200 area. Now with all of your help it looks like im going to be able to make this build for about $300 to $350. That is minus all of the stuff that i already had. The 3 weeks of learning comps and components looks like it will really pay off for me . Ty all again.
  16. 3 is pretty standard for the e2180. It can go up to 3.3 on air with good cooling.

    If you dont need it asap the new e5300 is comming out on Aug 10th and it will overclock to 4.0 on stock cooling. It has a 12.5 multi.

    I would wait on the e5300 or e7300 on the 10th or get the e7200 now.

    For a motherboard get a P35/P45 chipset. You will need a video card as well.

    Onboard video mobos generally dont overclock very high due to no voltage and multiplier adjustments.
  17. Ok ill look at that. I have my video card all picked out and it even dropped $5.00 in the mean time:). So i dont need the onboard video. But thats good to know as im off to finalize my mobo selection.
  18. My E2180 is @ 3.0 and is a really nice chip. I recommend it as well.
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