Power Requirements for 1 4870X2, and 1 4870 (Tri Fire)

Anyone have a wager at what the reqs. will be ?

Bought this Zalman 850 W. Continuous Power Supply, thinking it can handle the load, am I right ?

It has 2x 8Pin connectors, and 2x 6pin connectors.

+12V4@28A,+12V5@18A,+12V6@18A,-12V@0.8A,+5VSB@3. +12V4@28A,+12V5@18A,+12V6@18A,-12V@0.8A,+5VSB@3. 5A

I think the 12V rails will be sufficient, anyways, I would appreciate any comments on this issue, and yes, I know the 4870X2 isn't out yet, so the requirements are a guess right now, but wouldn't it be close to 2 4870s ? Using that logic....it would need to power (3) individual 4870's. Do you think this PS will handle the job ? - Thanks - Annisman
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  1. Even though I'm not too high on zalman units, that can probably power whatever you throw at it, since it equals the power of a nuclear reactor/PCP&C Silencer 750.

    If anything, I think the HD 4870 X2 will require less power than 2 HD 4870, it should have less memory chips on it, only needs to power one fan instead of two.

    You should take the opportunity to get 2 HD 4870 X2 :P Quadfire for the win!
  2. Haha Quadfire is pretty cool, but I'm not rich, and I'm pretty sure there is a drop off in scaling from 3-4 GPU's, so 3 will prolly do me just fine. Anyways, why are you skeptacle of Zalman Power Supplys ? I have been using the Zalman 600 W for over a year now with superb results. Very quiet, efficent, excellent cables for management, HEATPIPE COOLED too. Also, they all come with 3 year warranties. I spend a little extra just to make it Zalman.
  3. Ah, yes, but do the utilize heatpipes for quiet, efficient cooling ? Didn't think so.
  4. I guess I am just a Seasonic fanboy... Anything other than Seasonic or its derivatives (I'm open minded! :P) is just not good enough for me. But on a more objective note, I am not doubting the capacity of that unit, I am just a biased bastard...
  5. Rofl, me too. Asus and Zalman are my fanboy choices.
  6. So, does anybody know for sure if this PS will be enuff ? - Thanks
  7. We have no idea, but I hope so. Anyway the Zalman PSU is not great, its cooling is pretty good for a heatpipe design, but the quality of it's components is not the best, and thats what matters.
  8. I really dont think the cooling/noise of a power supply should be the most important things you look at in buying a power supply, no offence.

    Stick with PCP&C/OCZ, Corsair, Enermax, Silverstone, Mushkin, and Xigmatek for power supplies. Even the new line of Antecs are very nice, the Earthwatts and Neopower(i think?). They are tested up to 50c, so are the Mushkins.

    Zalman hasnt made a new CPU cooler in ages and their current lineup dosent do well with quads and newer duals as others do, espically for the price, and there GPU coolers are vastly overrated. That same quality/business strategy caries over to there power supplies, Zalman was a good name 2 years ago before the likes of Xigmatek and the AC7. But..."what have you done for me lately?"
  9. Well, I base most of this purchase off the fact that I have owned a Zalman 600W PS for a year now and I have been VERY PLEASED WITH IT. Please don't judge it unless you have used it. BTW....Anandtech has just finished a review on the Zalman 850 and 1000W PS. and it was a very favorable conclusion.
  10. SO does anybody have an answer ?
  11. Youll be fine dude. As long as the PSU dosent die. If it has the proper plugs it will more than likely be able to handle whatever you put it there, of course as long as the wattage and amps are there to support that. 6 rails is really overkill and I dont get why the high amps are on 3 and 4 instead of 1 and 2, but whatever. Hopefully that odd "imbalance" across the rails dosent bite you. But I severly doubt that being an issue.
  12. Thanks for the reply, any idea if 2 4870X2 would work ? prolly not huh
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