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I just bought a Xigmatek Dark Knight because the reviews were good and the deal was better. I just installed the heatsink and my temperatures have dropped by about 12 degrees for Tcase and about 10 degrees per core versus the stock Intel Quad Core heatsink. I was just wondering if this was a good drop in temperature values?

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  1. I'm guessing those are idle temps. Without knowing what the old idle and, more importantly, the old load temperatures are, I'd say not bad.

    It has a retention bracket, not pushpins, improper installation probably is not a problem.

    It's probably too late, but here's a suggestion for applying thermal compound:
  2. Well, the Dark Knight is supposed to be a very good cpu heatsink. Obviously you have a nice drop in temps. However, as jsc already pointed out, without posting old temps as a base reference it's difficult to render an opinion.
  3. Well, my Q8200 running at 2.8 ghz under a full load used to heat up Tcase to 47 and the cores to 66-72 degrees. Now Tcase hovers around 35 degrees and the cores hover around 55-61 degrees under the same load.

    Before going too much further, the Tcase temperature is artificially low and should probably be around 10 degrees higher because the idle temperature is right at 16 which is just absurd unless my computer operates on some here-to-unknown magical principle.

  4. Possible! You have that new unobtainium laced chipset?
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