ddr333 is it possbile to have two different ram modules


I have a task to bring to order an older laptop compter hp nx6110 (256 mb ram, and I think 1,4ghz celeron for laptops), the computer is very slow and I would like to buy more ram to see any imporvments.

I have two following questions:

1) can I combine an existing 256mb and a new 512mb together so I would have
768 mb ram ?

2) I run win xp home on that computer, would it go any faster if I put some more ram ?

Search Results for: HP/Compaq Business Notebook nx6110
Part Number 	Description 	Price

KTH-ZD7000/256 	256MB DDR333 Module 	
KTH-ZD7000/512 	512MB DDR333 Module 	
KTH-ZD7000/1G 	1GB DDR333 Module 	

information is picke from here

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  1. Xp should be run with atleast 1g if not 2 gig of ram for optimum performance. You can run faster ram in slower ram slots since it will automatcally run slower or you can manually set its speed.

    But yes you can also mix diffrent sized modules, but that is only if you have the extra expansion slots. Your notbook might only have 1 slot, if that is the case then you could only use the 512. If you look into your memory expansion area though and you see your existing 256 and there is a free expansion slot next to it you should be good.

    But yes you can mix a 256 with a 512.
  2. ok then I will buy 512 mb, because that't only they have on the stock

    i think 768mb should be ok because this person whose computer is will only surf the web, send emails and maybe chat, nothing demanding like photoshop or games

    thanks for your answer :=)
  3. 768 should be plenty to run XP in basic tasks. My wife had an old PIII 866 Mhz running with 384 mb of ram doing just about what you mentioned and never had a problem.
  4. I have a vaio computer and 1gb works fine with basic work

    but if you need more softicated software then I agree with omicron_15 that you need even 2Gb, but I don't think that it is worth upgrade because the processor is not strong enough for hard work
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