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Ok this is getting really annoying since i can’t play a single game for more than 2-10 minutes unless it’s a point and click game :). So while playing the monitor goes black and starts to search analog or digital connection. The Pc continues to work and i must reset because i can’t see anything. I tried changing the graphical card drivers. The temperature is fine. I cleaned the damn thing from dust and nothing seems to be working. I have GeForce 8600GT 512MB. Please HELP.
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  1. is your refresh rate correct? i had a problem like this with ubuntu. correcting the refresh rate fixed it.
    go into control panel > nvidia control panel> left hand side, change resolution.
  2. This may be odd i really don't know if the refresh rate should be like this it says that i have 60 and 59 hertz. The monitor is Samasung 226BW and pretty new as well. The screen resolution is 1680 x 1050 pixels. This is the highest resolution. I will try to change the refresh rate and lower the resolution. Thank you. If any other suggestions just let me know.
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