Is the case that important?

How important is the case in a new gaming PC?

I like the look of the xclio 3060 (£30), with its nice big 36cm side fan, space for 2x80mm fans at the back and a 120mm in the roof. But with cases easily going over £100 for the likes of lian li, and cooler master stackers at £150. Does the case make any actual difference? I cant really afford to pay stupid amounts on what is essentially just a steel box.

So would the xclio be just as good as the more expensive cases? and what are their benefits?

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  1. The main differences between cases are the amount of engineering involved in it's design, materials used and build quality. More expensive cases tend to have more features like cable management, removable motherboard trays, sound deadening, tool less drive bays and so on. My case was $260 but you don't need to spend a lot of money for a quality case which is why cases like the Antec 900 and Cooler Master 690 are quite popular because they have a bunch of features and a good design at a reasonable price. Very inexpensive cases tend to be made with very thin cheap metal and a lot of plastic. The also tend to have parts that vibrate and produce noise as well as sharp unfinished edges. You don't need to spend a lot but don't just buy the cheapest you can find.
  2. When your looking at a case there are a couple thing that your looking at.
    1. Size, can it fit all the components you are going to put in it
    2. Airflow, does it have enough and does it have it in the right spots
    3. cable management, can it keep it your insides looking clean
    4. asthetics, does it look awesome
    5. Silence, is it going to be loud
    6. design, will it be easy to work in, are the front I/O connectors where you want them.

    Depending on your needs you may find a cheapo case that works just as well as a more expensive one. But the more expensive cases typically will have less compromises. For example cases with good airflow typically will tend to be louder in cheapo cases. however cases like the cosmos s and antec 1200 will have great airflow and be silent as well.. In the long run it's not that important, if you can't afford it then it's no reason to hold off the build. But you do want to keep in mind that the case will be the one thing that will last forever.
  3. i know the xclio cases all too well, AKA the leaf blower. haha, get a good case really, they arent that expensive these day for a quality construction, like the coolermaster 690. case like that will outperform (in cooling and volume and design) any 360mm fan.
  4. Isn't that Coolermaster 690 the one with the PSU mounting at the bottom? so the PSU heat rises through the case and sucks up dust from under the PC into the PSU, not a great design really. Am not overly concerned about a case having easy clip in drives, only build it once. dont tend to add things often once i build it first time. I see a lot of people go for the antec 900 but that has the same problem as the 690 with the bottom mounted PSU.

    As well as the case, the PSU is another slight grey area. I'm torn between a corsair TX 750W or a Hiper M 880W, which is 85% effecient, and quieter than the corsair. what do you guys think? or is there another one i should consider for around the same price (£50-80) (or $100-150).

    The spec of the PC is goin to be P5E, 2Gb 800MHz OCZ, E8400 (not overclocked), HD4870, 500Gb HDD and a dvd-rw drive. with possible addition of a second HD4870 in a few months time.
  5. hmmm im not sure i too do not like the bottom mounter PSU, Which i am a bit put off by lian li, who do it too much, coolermaster have other cheap cases such as the centurian series, they are very good if you go wiht the one with the honey conmb grill at the front.
  6. I like the bottom mounted PSU location. I have the Antec P182 and love it. For running cables it does a great job, and has great airflow. One the things I look for in a case is how well you can hide cables. Not so much for the look, but to increase airflow throughout the case.
  7. I tell so many people this it gets old, there are MANY pros and cons to a bottom or top mounted PSU, but at the end of the day it doesn't make a difference whatsoever. If you are worried about dust then flip the PSU over so it pulls air from the inside of the case and exhausts it.

    I am a firm believer in going to extra mile for a case. Remember the computer case is the thing that you have to look at EVERY day, and it is the computer component that you must trust with all your other, generally more, expensive components. Would you go cheap on a garage for your nice new ferarri? I wouldn't. This does not mean you have to spend huge amounts of money on a case, just do not be shy to pay for the case that really makes you happy. A good case you should like for many years to come and you should not have to upgrade it for a long time, if ever.

    Oh, and the Antec 1200 is NOT silent, not even quiet, nor only slightly loud... though I don't think it was trying to win any quiet contests to begin with....

    The Corsair is easily better than the Hiper.
  8. so between the antec 900 and the coolermaster offerings which does everyone prefer. am goin for best cooling with reasonably quiet casing, since am going to use a HD4870 which is a bit warm.

    I prefer the look of the Antec 900, and it comes with many more fans than the coolermaster.

    And i'll get the corsair TX 750W .
  9. Do the more expensive PSU's offer anything extra, the specs look pretty similar. For example, that corsair 750 is £70, and there's a PC power and cooling 750W that's £20 more. is it any better or is it just throwing money away for nothing?
  10. Those two are pretty comparable but there is a huge difference between those and a PSU like Rosewill or something similar
  11. Think i'll stick with the corsair. Im from england, so cant get that rosewill.
  12. baldinie said:
    Think i'll stick with the corsair. Im from england, so cant get that rosewill.
    I don't think you understand, Rosewill=BAD! PC Power & Corsair=good
  13. The Rosewill did seem a bit cheap when i saw em on that newegg site. Just got to decide whether to get a OEM or retail boz corsair. Do they give their 5year warranty with the OEM stuff aswell does anyone know?
  14. I have never seen a OEM Corsair PSU. I've never seen an OEM system using a Corsair PSU. They should all be Retail. Do you have a Link?
  15. That's a pretty significant difference in price too. I would say that the warranty would be the same but I'm not sure.

    "The HX, TX, and VX Series of Power Supplies have a 5 year warranty"

    It doesn't specify any difference between Retail and OEM but you could always just send them an email and ask.
  16. ok, i emailed corsiar asking bout the difference...but they dint seem to understand. just replied telling me how to register my PSU.... oh well

    I'd imaging they're fine the OEM's, might just spend the extra £15 and get the retail box though.
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