Coolermaster V8 or Xigmatek Dark Knight?

Hey guys i have a arctic freezer pro 7 and lets just say i really want to replace it.

My cpu is: E8400
Case: HAF 932

I cant decide to whether to choose the V8 or the Dark knight. I've looked on frostytech and seen that the Dark Knight scored a little higher while the V8 was still holding its place.

Im thinking the V8 as it'll go great with my HAF932 (which i painted matte black with the drive bays, expansion slots, etc. fire red) but one thing that seperates both of the heatsinks is the cost (and the Dark Knight being a little cooler, no pun intended :) ).

On newegg i see a openbox V8 for $38.

The Dark knight is $40

So the difference is that the Dark Knight comes with the back plate, while the V8 only comes by itsself.

If i want to buy a Back plate: for a couple bucks.

It'll bring the cost of the V8 to $43 and wouldnt the V8 be the better buy?
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  1. Looks like the Dark Knight performs better. It made the latest top 10 for Intel cpu's at Frosty Tech:

    You can check the technical reviews, benchmarks, and charts for both cpu heatsinks at the Frosty Tech site
  2. I just dropped a V8 on my SkullTrail rig and it dropped my CPU temp by 30C compared to the Rosewill RCX-Z775 I was using. The open box V8 on newegg is shown with a back plate you just have to put it together; if it doesn't come with the V8 back plate you are screwed, the XIGMATEK back plate won't work with the V8. The V8 looks awesome but can be a b*tch to install and you run the risk of the metal back plate grounding out your mobo if you overtighten it -Trust me.
  3. I haven't checked out the V8 so I can't really tell you much from a performance standpoint but one thing to consider is the fact that the Dark Knight comes with the backplate. The V8 backplate might be inexpensive but if it doesn't have free shipping then get ready to tack another five or six dollars on the cost. I just bought a Dark Knight for that very reason. I wanted a backplate but I didn't want to pay for S&H for one so I went with the bundle. That is actually how I chose my thermal grease too.

    Then again, I might just be cheap.

  4. Thanks for the answers guys. :)

    I was thinking of buying the V8 unboxxed to save a few bucks even if it is used but i guess the price would jack up with the shipping and backplate added on.

    The Dark Knight is a great buy dont get me wrong i guess i'll go with that and change the leds to a bright red.

    Once again thank you for your insight on both of the products.
  5. I thought about it and my kid's PC has an E8500 OC'd to 3.8Ghz with an aftermarket cooler and you will hit a FSB wall before you'll overheat it. Seriously, he doesn't get above 42C running Prime95. You could run the stock cooler with the E8 series since they are considered UnderClocked to begin with. Sorry I didn't think of that first. The V8 would be a PITA for that CPU.
  6. Yeah it would be way overkill for the E8400 as its not much of a challenge when overclocking it.

    I was just debating what will be more futureproof also even though that term is never true.
  7. It sure would look cool though....
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