74 gig raptor or 640 gig BE

hey all

im am currently using a WDC WD6401AALS-00L3B2 and all is great but i have a WD740GD sitting on my desk that i took out of my sons rig.

my ? is do you guys thing the raptor would be faster(16 meg cache) than the 640 gig with 32 meg cache im using or would it not be worth the time to install and reformat the raptor as my main drive
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  1. I personally think the 640 is faster than a 75GB raptor.... well at least in my tests the 640 was slighty faster....

    If I were you I would use the raptor for the OS (Windows) and any games (if you have any) and use the 640 for everything else.....
  2. The original Raptors are pretty much superseeded in performance by the high-density 5400/7200rpm disks of today, the Velociraptor does add performance benefits though; its the fastest consumer-class HDD.

    The cache is not important here; its about data density, firmware and rpm.

    Your 640GB is likely a 320GB-platter generation drive. Though current drives already have 500GB platters, this still falls into the category of high-density drives. So all-in-all i wouldn't say the Raptor is much faster, it may boot faster but will be slower in other areas so about the same i would say.
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