I need some advice on a new system that I plan to build

As the title suggest, I need some advice.
I'm planning to build a system that will be mainly used for professional photo editing, 3D rendering and maybe gaming and CUDA programing and basically I want it to be a little future proof.
The parts I'm planning to buy are the following:

CPU: AMD Phenom 9850 $ 235.00 Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 ~ $350.00
MOBO: Asus Crosshair II Formula $ 290.00 Asus Rampage ~ $290.00
RAM: 8 GB 1066MHz ~ $200.00
GPU: GeForce 9800 GX2 $ 470.00
HDD: WD Caviar Blue 750 GB ( Maybe black 1TB if they offer a lot better perfomance ) $ 105.00

Total ~ $ 1415.00
About the display, could you please recomend a 20"-24" high quality sub-$400.00 $600.00 (widescreen) display?

plus a good flat panel Total ~$1750.00 ~ $2015.00

I'm planning to spend about $ 2,000.00 (can be more) in the system including the case, power supply and display but not other pheripherals (mouse, kb etc.) and all the parts not listed are not so important.

+ a case that must be screwed in the floor (to prevent it from being stolen) + some DVD burner + some cooling Total ~$2000.00 ~$2265.00

All I need to know is if I can get a better performer setup for about the same price (the gaming and CUDA programing are also not really necesary).
Ten thousands Thanks from Honduras :hello:
(sorry for my lousy english)
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  1. Try a Rampage x48 mobo with a q9650 quad core if you can spend 2k.You get alot more performance for the money.
  2. Thanks for your reply.
    but did you meant QX9650 or just Q9650? I'm asking cause I couldnt find it in the "compare prices" section of this site.
    because if it was the QX it exceed the cap by $ 400, but if it just Q is it the fastest sub-$1000 procesor ?
    Ten thousand Thanks from Honduras once again. :hello:
    (sorry for my lousy english)
  3. oh terribly sorry I made up that processor. I meant to say q9450 Quad core at a clock speed of 2.66 ghz.
  4. There is such thing as the q9650, it just isn't out till 3rd quarter.
  5. Yeah but hes building it now so he would probably want the q9450.
  6. if u maybe game, get a 9600gt. get a intel quad core like the q6600 or the q9450. just get urself a ga-p35-ds3l or ds3r if u raid. look for p45 motherboards too. get a 24" flat panel for more real estate.
  7. A 9600 GT would probably be too weak for him. An 8800 GTS would be good. free call of duty 4 too.
  8. Yea, with prices of video cards expected to drop, He might be able to get the 9800GTX for a nice price. I got one below $300 last week.
  9. Well I was comparing some prices and I found the Q9550 at $ 570 but also found the QX6700 at $ 405.
    Is the Q9500 better than the QX6700 ?
    And Is'nt the 9800GX2 the best performer ?
  10. Well All those parts would probably cost you more. The q9550 isn't really worth it in my opinion because you can overclock the q9450. The qx6700 is an older processor. It is built on a 65nm process whereas the q9450 is 45nm.
  11. q9550 will help in overclocking with the higher multiplier, but not worth the extra cost. I'm pretty sure the QX6700 is more than $405, as it is the extreme version, with the unlocked multiplier.
  12. Dont mean to Hijack this thread, but can you guys answer a quick question on my build?

  13. u dont even game, u wrote "maybe game" i game all day everyday online and a 8800gt holds me fine.
  14. You missed the part "little future proof" since I'm going to keep that card for about 30-48 months, but anyways thanks for your reply I know you just want to help me.
    BTW can you recomend a high quality flat panel?
    I've decided to buy the Rampage mobo and the Q9450.
    Well thank you for all your replies soGansta.
    As for your set-up I would like to reply something, but I can't since I'm struggling whit an old Athlon64 3800+, and a pair of 7600GT's and I haven't tasted any new hardware since their release since in my country it is still considered high end hardware.

    Ten Thousand Thanks from Honduras :hello:
    (sorry for my lousy english)
  15. do you really need 8gb of ram?
  16. 8GB RAM is futureproof FTW. Get the Dell 2408WFP. Review here. http://www.hothardware.com/Articles/Dell_Ultrasharp_2408WFP_24_Display/
  17. A Samsung 2053BW is also very good. Or 2253BW is a little bigger, same res though. Either way, the Dell has a much better stand. The Samsungs is retarded, you can tilt it back only and spin it on its base, but when you tilt it, you have to remove the base. Applying pressure to move it back will crack your base probably, also Samsung has badly placed buttons which isn't annoying. Just set it to 36% brightness and 75% contrast for a sexy picture. Dell is perfectly calibrated when it arrives and it's stand is amazing, as well as image quality. Impecable. Link to 20" Panel reviews. http://xbitlabs.com/articles/other/display/20inch-6.html#sect0

    Link to Samsung 2053BW Review which I have. http://xbitlabs.com/articles/other/display/20inch-6_10.html#sect0
  18. sure it may be future proof, but useless unless he/she uses 64 bit OS.
  19. Thank you for your interest pcgamer12 and your links, I decided to go with the Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP that should cost about $600.00 it seems to have really good features unfortunely it overpass the $2000.00 cap but I can live with that.
    Shadowthor, I already took care of the os ;)

    Ten Thousand Thanks from Honduras :hello:
    (sorry for my lousy english)
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