HD4850 is definitely not a HOT Card (temp wise)

I know this has been stated by many people throughout different threads but I just wanted to clarify that the HD4850 contrary to popular belief is actually a pretty cool card. If you were lucky enough to buy the ASUS version you get Asus SmartDoctor with it and if u merely put the fan on 60% (slight buzz) you get temps idleing mid to high 40s and under full load low 60s. I have my card in overdive at 700MHZ and memory at 1110MHZ and at full usage it goes up to the high 60s. This is MUCH cooler than my old 8800GT. For those of you that dont have Asus, just be patient your card will be cooled down soon(when they fix the fan options). The card works great and I dont like hearing that people aren't buying because it supposedly runs superhot. So if ur looking to buy the 4850 and don't want to wait, Grab the Asus for now, its good stuff.
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  1. that smartdoctor should work with all 4800's , dont ya think ?
  2. I have a vision tech 4870 comming from tiger direct on july 9th and I will try that or mabey by then riva tuner will be okay for fan control ?
  3. cool, whats this new feature overdive like???
  4. I have heard that smart doctor works only for ASUS and that rivatuner isn't updated for the 4800s yet...however it probably will be soon...as for overdrive, after more testing, its still a bit unstable even tho it got a passing rating when overdrive tested it. I'm hoping new drivers will fix this problem...overall- badass card
  5. i have the asus card as well, similarly clocked and use the smartdoctor utility with the same results as the OP. this is a great card, and not hot at all.
  6. There's an easy fix thru Catalyst Control Centre and you don't necessarily need those programmes to up the fan speed...google 4850 fan speed fix and you'll see several links to do it thru CCC...it is easy and works a treat...I had difficulty finding the file but that's cause I was looking in the wrong place but once I found it was a breeze...and my fan temps that were around 60 on idle are now around 42....piece of cake.
  7. Using the fan speed fix at about 55% speed I idle at 45-48c depending on how long my PC has been on.
  8. superman099 tell us a little more about the computer setup, case, fans ect...
    How good is your case airflow.

    Could help compare against other system setups that are hot.
  9. i sure know mine is HOT. i just installed it and reached 78, ouch. im trying the catalysit mod but im not sure when they changes come into affect, When you restart, when select profile, as soon as you edit the XML file, soon as you save... because i cant see a way of seeing how fast the fan is rotating.
  10. my 4870 is at 45 C idle with fan speed at 40%.
  11. A lot of people have had luck with a ARCTIC COOLING ACCELS1 Rev 2 passive vga cooler. Slightly modified to fight the 4850 I have heard of people dropping idle temps by 40 degrees Celsius.
  12. Got a HIS HD4850 ICEQ4 Turbo, idles @ 51C - 12% Fan. default speed is 650MHz so only +25MHz over stock speed. It's a dual slot cooler plus the memory and GPU have separate heatsinks, so hopefully the RAM doesn't get cooked.

    yet to find out load temp and associated fan speed.
  13. Load temp 68-70C 55% Fan.
  14. My 4870 is at 43c at fan 30% overdrived to 765/1000 and load never goes over 65c. using cat 8.10
  15. I have an Xpertvision HD 4850. It has an excellent cooling. Idles at 44 and under load reaches 55. The fan speed is default....i think its better than other known brands like ASUS oe Sapphire
  16. Got a Gigabyte GV-R485MC-1GH.

    A Radeon HD4850 card with PASSIVE cooling and 1 Gig of memory.

    Idle max 55'C.
    Stressed max 95'C!

    (had a 8800GTS with fan (very audible) before. Temps were 45 and 75)

    Airflow in the Chieftec bigtower is optimzed. Casefans are at halfspeed.

    Seems to be okay at these temps.

    My two cents: if it works without a fan, then it should be even better with one.

    Haven't done any overclocking though.
  17. @mcp: why you would let your card get to those temps i dont know - enjoy shopping for a new one in a year!

    If I were a 4850 owner (I have a 4870x2) and really concerned about temps I would buy an aftermarket cooler - there are loads and they work very well - the 4850 Is in fact the easiest GPU to buy an aftermarket cooler for - there are so many.
  18. ive been using a Palit HD4850 Sonic for sometime and its Idle temp has never gone above 44c.
    on load it s always below 80c(mostly in early 70's).
  19. MSI HD4850 are cooler. At load they never go past 60ºC.

    With Dual Slot Cooling system... they are best.
  20. I have the MSI 4850 OC 512mb that meadowla shows in pics above. I idle at 36°C and I haven't seen it go above 42°C under load yet. Of course, it's winter but I don't think the temps will change that much in summer.
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