Windows wont load on Asus P5nsli

I have put together a new custom computer just recently. It contains a 500W PS, Asus P5nsli MB, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 gigs DDR 2 667 RAM. 500G HDD, DVD/RW Drive.

I load windows through my new computer and everything installs easy. When it goes to the reboot screen it counts down from 15, then reboots. When it reboots it just gives me a blinking underscore. It doesn't go into the rest of the windows XP installation.

When I first put in the CD I have that on the boot list first.
When it reboots I go back to the HDD first because if I do CD drive it restarts the installation again.

Just wondering what I may be doing wrong. If any of you can help I would gladly appreciate it. I am getting very frustrated with not knowing the cause. :(
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  1. No no no, I don't think you have installed windows before. The Windows XP/Vista setup disk will prompt you to press any key to start intall. If you don't, it will boot the OS on the 1st harddisk. In your case, the install will continue. And don't remove the cd/dvd cuz Windows will still need some drivers from the disk during the 2nd stage of install.

    Set up bios to boot from cd, floppy and last hdd. Insert the os disk. Boot it up. DON'T press any key when Windows asks.
  2. No no no, You misinterpreted all of that. I install windows and it copies the files. After you do the first installation and copy the files, it asks to reboot. It auto reboots in 15 secs. When it does reboot the installation starts all over again if I have CD drive booting first. If I have the HDD booting first, it comes up with a blinking underscore "_". Which isn't recognizing anything? I have used the disk on a different computer and it worked fine when I had HDD first on BIOS.

    Now can anyone help me?
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