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mp3 is too advanced for my factory truck cd player. What format do I use?
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  1. Well, it appears that your truck CD player can only play actual music CDs and not compressed music files burnt onto CDs. MP3 is the most common type of compressed music file out there.

    If your CD player is supposed to be able to play MP3 files, then there probably a problem with your CD player.
  2. .wav. You can actually just use Windows media player to burn regular audio CDs from mp3 files. Keep in mind that you won't fit a 100 songs on the disk, maybe 15.
  3. CDA.
    CD audio
  4. Some lower quality CD players have a hard time reading burned CDs. It should still be able to play a disc burned from MP3's though. If not, there is likely an issue with the burned disc, or the CD player.

    Try playing the CD when the truck isn't moving. Lower quality CD players will often skip real bad when playing burned discs.

    Try playing the disc in another CD player.

    If the disc plays in other CD players, try cleaning the disc.
  5. mhelm1 said:
    CD audio

    I think CDA is the file system not the audio format. If you actually move a track from the CD to your computer, from my memory at least, you will get a wave file.

    You should use a regular CD-R for music burning, not a RW, and if you have an option, burn at a slower speed.
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