Looking for either a cable or enclosure

I have a friends laptop. Its blue screening on boot. I want to grab all the information off it I can, Before I get too far into it....

I don't know a damn thing about laptop harddrives...But its a Hitachi Travelstar Model: IC25N060ATMR04-0

the connection type is something Ive never seen before. ATA/IDE? Im not sure that thats right. I Assume the Power and DATA connections are all together in one plug.

Anyway Im looking for either an enclosure or a Cable to convert this thing to USB or something that I can hook to my own PC.

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  1. why dont you use a linux live disk to copy all the files
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Buwish, I don't think this drive is IDE, It doesn't have pins, they are more like blades. Its freaky looking.

    Anonymous1, Im really not to sure how to use that program and I'm really not too sure whats wrong with this laptop. I cant run safemode and it just gives me a blue screen then quickly reboots the computer on startup. And without connecting this drive to a computer with a working OS I wouldn't know how to get the data off it. For all I know the HDD could be totaly *** canned but I have to atleast try.
  3. UPDATE:

    THAT IS THE CONNECTION! If anyone can ID that for me, it would be a huge help
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    Most likely what your seeing is an adapter on the end of the drive. This is so that it uses a blade connection due to being a laptop. If you take and gently pull on the "blade" end, it should just slide off, and then reveal the normal pin configureation of the hard drive. You then can plug the laptop drive into a normal cable and remove all the data by having it attached to another system as a second drive.
  5. Shutter, you my friend just made my day! Thats awesome, I would have never known how to do that! Its defenitly IDE under the blades.

    My only question is, will an IDE cable power the drive? cause I could just hook this guy upto my PC if it will.

    Edit: I think I figured it out, its called an EIDE connection? does that sound right? Anyway Im hoping any "laptp harddrive enclosure" will work
  6. Yes.......any non sata laptop portable case should work

    Glad to be of assistance
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