Turn on Pc and i get "No Signal". Bios Related?

Yo all

Was on my pc and I thought i better update all my drivers for my pc, like audio, motherboard, bios etc. So i did that and restarted and from then onwards ive had nothing but trouble. First few times i reset the pc it would display no signal on my monitor, so i thought maybe it was just a bios **** up, so i reset the cmos about 2 or 3 times for whenever i wanted to use my pc. strangley enough i think it was whenever i wasn't on my pc for large amounts of time i had to reset it. But now i reset the cmos and my pc powers on but im getting nothing on the screen.

Power is getting to all my fans and hardrive, when i turn on my pc i dont get a beep and the hardrive light just flickers then nothing happens.

The monitor is not broken as i can play my xbox 360 on it and i really doubt my card is broken by just sitting in my machine, after all there is power in my card as the fan is spinning.

Ive tried just plugging in the vga cable and power, also with the cpu, memory and hardrive. Like the bare minimums and the same thing happens.

Maybe i need to leave the jumper on the cmos for longer? I tend to leave it on for 10-15mins.

baah this is so irritating, thanks for any help


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  1. Perhaps the bios battery is dead? How long have you had the system?
  2. since jan 07.
  3. Can someone link me to where i can buy more jumpers and the new cmos battery for my gigabyte ds3 rev 2?

    I think cmos is **** up.
  4. You can get jumpers at any electronics store, such as Radio Shack. The battery should be available at your local pharmacy (in the hearing aid/photo battery section).
    A few other ideas:
    1) Your power supply may be slowly failing. It can partially fail, so the fans still spin but the computer doesn't work.
    2) You may have accidentally nudged a connector/cable/jumper out of position when you tried to clear the CMOS. Of course, double-check to make sure you put the CMOS jumper back in its original place after clearing the CMOS, or your computer won't boot.
  5. ******************SO I BOUGHT A NEW MOTHERBOARD***********************

    bought the new motherboard.
    ASUS P5GC i945GC Socket 775 6 channel audio ATX Motherboard

    Now i turn it on, and still not post beep sound and no signal, WHAT THE ****??

    i tried again taking everything out and leaving just basics and nothing.. im so confused and ****ed off right now, no one understands how much **** this computer has put me through... 2 weeks ago i bought a new mobo becuase i thought my old one was fault, but infact it was the front panel that wasn't working off so i bought a new case.

    though the pc im on now doesn't have a post bios beep...

    There isn't anywhere which lets you customize a pc, im so sick and tempted just to buy a new pc but that would suck as i have working parts, well i think i do....
  6. weirdly enough i turned on like i said and saw the hd led wasn't working, so i turned the cables around to check that i got them on the right pints so i just lifted and turned then put back on and now i hold down the power switch and it doesn't turn off :S:S i swear it was working a few seconds ago!
  7. There is a way to flash your bios without there being any video output. Your system speaker must work though so you can hear when to flash etc. You will need to install a floppy disk drive and contact motherboard support for info on how to do it. I had a similar problem to you and downloaded the flash and update utilities on another pc and put it to floppy disk. i followed the instructions and when i re booted i got video output again. It may be different for your board but it is worth looking into.
  8. Check your Video card - It may be your monitor saying it's receiving no signal
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