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Hi guys I need a bit of help choosing the best hardware to OC a Core i7 920. I'm going to use 3 nvidia cards in a sli configuration and I've picked the EVGA E759 as the best board for OC and triple sli. The problem is, what speed of ram should i be getting? I read somewhere that for overclocking with an i7 i need RAM that runs no higher than 1033, but the EVGA E759 board specs says it needs 1600 + . I'd like to run 12gb of ram. I am very new to overclocking and would love some advice here. I'm going to get a nice 3rd party cooler and my goal is to get that i7 to 4.0Ghz which according to what I've read is fairly easy to obtain. The ram though is just stumping me. Thanks!
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  1. for a 4ghz OC on an i7 920, you only need 1333mhz RAM. The reason is because you can achieve 4ghz with a combination of 190 x 21. Thus that would mean that you can technically have 190 x 6 = 1140mhz ram, which 1333mhz ram can easily do.

    Just remember that i7 920 has memory mulitpliers of 6x 8x 10x 12x.

    Also it's been proven that 1333mhz ram is the ideal sweet spot for i7 memory. Getting faster ram will help, but performance increase is very marginal.

    With that being said, I think 1600mhz ram is ideal, they are not that expensive from 1333mhz ram, and gives you room for 200mhz bclk mulitpliers of CPU and ram.
  2. 1600MHz is nice, 1333 will work. Try for tight timings if you can (8-8-8-x for 1600MHz, 7-7-7-x for 1333, lower is better). Anything faster than 1600 isn't really worth it right now, IMHO.

    This is some of the most solidly build, high quality RAM available. You pay for the name though - it's more expensive than comparable performance parts of other brands. I have 12 gigs of this stuff, and it runs beautifully at stock voltage, faster than stock settings. I love it:

    Alternatively, this stuff is nice too, and a bit more budget oriented. It will perform excellently and it is significantly cheaper, even though it is rated for the same speeds:

    Here's some nice 1333MHz stuff:

    Or there's the stupidly expensive stuff (although honestly, I would not recommend this stuff - it's not worth the cost):
  3. Thanks very much guys, that is extremely helpful info! Now I just need to decide whether or not it's worth getting that EVGA E759 or if I should run cheaper and get the DX58SO board.
  4. By E759, do you mean the Classified? If so, why not go for the other EVGA board or something like an Asus P6T deluxe instead? I'd avoid the DX58SO board due to it only having 4 RAM slots, although it does seem like an otherwise good pick.
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  7. lol I totally agree, ridiculous. And thanks cjl! That is the board I'm going to get the p6t Deluxe, it's perfect for what I need for a very good price considering.
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