motherboard shopping and need some help choosing

I'm looking for a motherboard for a linux server. It's not going to be a gaming server so I don't need super sound stuff or crazy video hardware. Here are my specs...

max 16GB ram
socket 775 core 2 extreme
min 1 pci express x16
min 2 pci
very VERY good memory support. I don't want to have to deal with that voltage/timing setting crap with ram. I should just be able to throw sticks in it without having to reconfigure half the dang thing.

I'm also shopping around for memory but I don't know what brand/model to get either. From what I've heard kingston, crucial and pny are top notch but I want to know if theres something else thats better or which one of those is the best with what ever chosen motherboard.

I'm all about reliability especially since THIS motherboard is a replacement for a crappy motherboard that had very very poor memory voltage configuring support.

p.s. Please let me make sure I'm clear on this but a motherboard with EXCELLENT memory support. My current board works with 4GB of ram but completely screws up the voltage/timing/speed on memory above 4GB even AFTER I manually configure it. Please, please PLEASE a motherboard with excellent memory support.
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  1. whether or not your using intel, go to and look at all the motherboards that are really expensive. Look at the top sellers, and read the reviews. Google the motherboards w/ words like review, and test. Even read the tech support forums of the actual mobo companies.

    you can also look at the specifications and they describe everything its capable of.
  2. Sorry, I should have been a little more clear. I already went through newegg and read the reviews and seen the tests for the boards on toms hardware. But I still want to get the publics opinion on that hardware spec. There must be someone out there thats bought a motherboard with those specs. Theres all pretty common except for the 16GB of ram.
  3. oh ok, i recently bought the 750i, it works good, but its not necessarily for servers.
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