Deathly Slow Internet w/ New PC- Please help!


I just built a PC and I'm using a LinkSys Wireless PCI card. The card itself is 5 years old and I used it in my old PC. It sat dormant for the past year. Anyhow, the internet on my new PC is deathly slow. I haven't installed any Microsoft updates ( I use 32-bit XP SP3) as my new PC is really a gaming PC.

1. Is the card the issue? I changed the slot in my PC and the internet wouldn't even connect.
2. Do I need specific drivers? Where do I get them?
3. I don't see why this would be an issue, but could it be because I haven't installed the Microsoft updates?

note: 4 other computers in the house are wirelessly connected to this router and they work fine, so the problem is isolated in my PC.

Please help!

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  1. Yes, you would be better off to download the correct drivers from LinkSys for the card.
    Check the model number and look to LinkSys support.
  2. Do you have the model of both your router and network card(s)? Have you tried file transfer between PCs to see if the slow down in only with the internet or internal to the network? Can you try on some/all your PCs and tell us the results (you can just post the "image result)?

    BTW, you should really install at least the "security updates" and perhaps driver updates if any from Microsoft updates, you would probably be shocked at what can be done to an unpatched PC without you having to do anything ...
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