Cannot restart or shut down my Acer Aspire 5336

Hello, I tried to install my windows 7 updates for some reason over an hour later it hadn't finished & I had to leave so tried to cancel the install, nothing happened so I just shut laptop. It works fine but I cannot shut it down anymore or restart so my updates can take effect
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  1. Your update appears to have failed.

    The easiest thing to try is to restore your system to an earlier time using System Restore. Type "restore" into your Start Menu, one of the options at the top should be "System Restore"; open this and try to restore to a time before your error.

    System Restore will remove any programs installed after the date of that backup, but it does not remove files in folders such as "Documents" even if they were made after the System Restore backup.

    However, you may have a deeper issue. I suggest you do the following. If it does not help I'll give other advice:

    1) update the BIOS for your laptop (should be a thumb drive or CD method. Don't use Windows.)

    2) run MEMTEST ( ) for at least two hours or until errors occur
    *Memtest can fail due to:
    - bad RAM
    - incorrect settings in the BIOS (sometimes solved by a BIOS update)

    3) Hard drive diagnostics.
    - obtain a diagnostics disc for your model of hard drive. Run diagnostics to determine if there is a hard drive problem.
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