GTX280 vs 3870X2 which is better?

i have the problem with the video card brawl, i can't choose between the new GTX280 and to the older ATi3870X2, both have the same price margin, the same pros and cons, most noticably how long the heatpipe and fan combo lasts. can you help me with this annoying thing? :bounce:
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  1. Performance wise the gtx is going to be a big steup up from the 3870x2. Your best bet would be to get the nvidia card, crossfire two 4870's if you have x38 or x48 board. Or, and this is probably your best bet, wait till the 4870x2 is out. Regardless if you get this card or not it should drive down the price of the 280 a little.
  2. Definitely the GTX 280.

    Not only it is a much better card but you will also get Physx and CUDA support along with it.
  3. they're not in the same price margin, at least not anymore... its now what matters
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