New E7200 and possible SpeedStep problem

Well, I just bought a new Core 2 Duo E7200, its a big upgrade from my old 2.80GHz Pentium 4. Well, in my BIOS, Windows, and everywhere else, it shows my CPU as of course, an Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2.53GHz. But, in CPU-Z and every other similar program, my CPU is running at 1.60GHZ(266 x 6). Now, I know this thing called Intel SpeedStep, and I think its a good idea. On my motherboard (BIOSTAR 954GC Micro 775 ver 6.1) I have C1E enabled. So, speedstep should be working, BUT, no matter WHAT, my CPU shows at 1.60GHz, even as both cores are at 100%. I have tried disabling C1E, and changing the windows power themes, but still, it is always at 1.6GHz. I do not understand why it will not go over that. I know what you are thinking, why did I go with BIOSTAR, because I was low on money, but its been a great board so far. I know my board supports 45nm CPUs, I have already checked that. I have the latest BIOS, checked that. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!
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  1. Are you sure the multiplier is set correctly? If you say it's running at 266x6, maybe the multiplier is set to 6.

    Check your multiplier would be my first guess.
  2. Check the mobo site for support for e7200 not just 45nm support.

    Also like smow said set the multi manually to 9.5.
  3. actually, i think your supposed to put the multi to auto, for me thats the only way speedstep can be turned on
  4. Sorry man but according to the BIOSTAR website your mobo does not support the 45nm Penryn based Intel CPUs. I am amazed that it booted. That is unless I have the wrong mobo selected.

    In fact the 945GC (I assume you switched the numbers) doesn't have suppoert for any C2D.
  5. @jimmysmitty - yeah, you're right. it's not on supported CPU list. didn't even think about that. good catch.
  6. Like I said guys, I KNOW its supported, look at this , mine is the 945GC Micro 775 V6.1. I have also read everywhere that my mobo only supports the wolfdales, which is EXACTLY the CPU I have. One more link, . Scroll down to BIOSTAR, like it says, Wolfdale only, which is what I got. There is also no option for the multiplier in my BIOS like their is supposed to be. I have no clue why its not in the BIOS, because it shows it in the manual.

    FSB Support FSB 533/800/1066/1333MHz
    Support FSB 1333MHz By Overclocking

    Support Dual Channel DDR 400/533/667 MHz
    2 x DDR2 DIMM Memory Slot
    Max. Supports up to 2GB Memory

    Well 1st off that entire wolfdale only thing is utter crap. Any board that can run the lastest 45nms(wolfdales) will basically run any older cd2. And on the site it lists 2 c2d's that arent wolfdales anyways.
  8. what the OP is saying is that out of all the 45nm Intel CPUs available, the board will only support the dual core CPUs, which is quite correct, as Intel put a dual core limitation on the 945 chipset and its many variants. In short ANY board based off the 945 chipset will not support quad core cpus, only dual core and single core are supported.
  9. And thats what I got, a Dual Core, not a Quad Core. Looks like I need to try and get ahold of "Paco" , some person from Biostar phone support. I doubt he will be much help though as I have already asked him. :hello:
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