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My wireless network used to work fine until I did a system restore taking it back 2 weeks. Now I get the Wirless Network Connection box, but it keeps saying there are no wireless networks found in range even though I know there are, I have 2 routers myself and 2 networks, but it won't show them. Help anybody please.
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  1. Well it seems to me that for whatever reason the restore deleted the necessary information for that computer/laptop to find networks. On key thing you must do is make sure your drivers on the connnecting pc/laptop are good.

    To do this go to my computer and then go to device manager and make sure there are no yellow or red colors anywhere. You computer could be missing the driver now for some reason. And without the wireless driver you cannot connect to a wireless signal at all.

    I you don't have the system disk to install the driver, go to the website that you computer partains to. Like etc... There you can find your driver by using the service code to find the exact drivers for your computer and your wireless nic.

    Install those drivers and make sure no yellows or reds come up when going back into device manager and then you should be able to get a signal. Also make sure you wireless card is on or going when your searching for a signal. I've seen many people try to get their laptops to find a signal when their computer's wireless isn't even on.
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