Phenom II x4 955be + Zalman CNPS9700 LED

To keep it short, I'm about to order a new rig based on a Asus M4A79T-Deluxe and a Phenom II x4 955 black edition.

I'm looking to get a Zalman CNPS9700 LED for a cooler, which to me seems like a good choice anyway especially considering I have only got good things to say about both the CNPS9700 and it's previous models which I've been using for quite some years now in different rigs.

However, do you reckon it will do a fine job keeping the CPU cool, even if I want to overclock a bit?

For those interested; here is a full list of the rig I will be getting.
Asus M4A79T-Deluxe
AMD Phenom II x4 955
2x2gb Corsair DDR3-1600mhz(XMS3-12800)
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 32mb 7200rpm, 1tb
XFX Geforce 8800gts Alpha dog 512 (old piece)

2x 120mm Zalman fans, one out one in.
Zalman CNPS9700 LED

I have a case already but I'm leaning towards buying a new case for it as well, not really sure what tho but I was planing on spending somewhere between 50-100€ on a decent one - so recommendations are welcome!
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  1. For a CASE in that price range, you can take a look at the Antec 300 and CoolerMaster CM690...both offer very good airflow...
    And change the CPU cooler to the XIGMATEK HDT-S1283...
    It will perform much better than the Zalman and is cheaper...
  2. Thanks for the recommendations!
    I actually read a bit about that Antec case in the case roundup article here earlier, seems quite nice!

    Also, do you reckon that the Zalman cooler won't cut it?

    The only downside with both the cooler and the case you recommended is that I can't find anywhere to order it here in Italy..
    Now first off I'm not Italian myself, so might just have missed some sites etc but the only good place to order I've found so far (been here for 3 years now) don't sell them.

    Seems they sell coolers from the following brands:

    And cases from the following brands:
    yeong yang

    If you know anything specific in that price range from anything of the above mentioned brands then please let me know!
  3. Hmm...
    As for the cases, Thermaltake has some decent cases...
    Like the V9, M9, Essentials...
    Does that store have any online website?
  4. Sure they do, It's unfortunately all in Italian so I'll just give you the direct link to the cases and the coolers!

    For the cases check this one out (you have all the available brands on the right hand side):

    For the coolers (you have all the available brands on the right hand side):

    Also once you open the page of a specific product, you will find a tab in the middle called "Specifiche tecniche" from which I think you should be able to make out most of the technical details without even knowing a word in Italian.
  5. Well from those choices, the Zalman CNPS9700 LED is the best option...
    But it would be better if you get the Xig anywhere else...
    And as for the case, Get the Thermaltake ElementS...It is a very good case and has big fans to move the air around...
    Actually the M5 is not bad either...So if you want to keep it below 100€, get that case...
  6. Thanks again for the recommendations, well It's not a huge difference there, 115€ for the Element S and 74€ for the M5.
    I think it all comes down to if I will need another PSU or not!
    I've got a Corsair HX450watt which I will use for the setup I mentioned in my first post, In my opinion it should run just fine but If I have to buy a new one maybe I'd go with the M5 to save some cash - otherwise the Element S looks like a quite nice option.
  7. Here's a link to a a web site with lots of useful information about cpu heatsinks that you might find interesting:

    There are over 400 technical reviews of cpu heatsinks with benchmarks and performance charts at the site.

    I use an original Thermalright Ultra 120. Results are outstanding. Still rated Number One for AMD systems. New updated version is called the Ultra 120 Extreme. Currently Xigmatek has three heatsinks in the top 10 list for AMD cpu's.
  8. Ohh yes for that setup, the Corsair 450HX is more than suffice...
    It can handle graphics cards upto GTX260/HD 4870...
    New PSU is only required for crossfire setup...
  9. Well Johnny the OP is not left with many options if you had noticed...The Zalman is the best that he could lay his hands on...
  10. gkay09: As I suspected, I will run such a small amount of devices and as you say I won't be running Crossfire either! (At least not for now!)

    Johnny: Thanks for the link, I actually saw the site earlier today trying to find a review of another thing but I didn't see the top5.. Now If I only could find some place to get a hold of these, do you know of some good European site which ships all across Europe? I mean if it would come down to having to pay almost twice the price of cooler in import taxes and shipping I think I will just stick with the Zalman option I got from the local site!
  11. They are alright! problem with Fnac is that they aren't very specified in PC components it's a general multimedia store, TV's, Cameras, etc etc.
    They do have some nice prices sometimes on the pieces they sell however, at very least if you visit their store here in central Milan.
  12. Sorry that is an Ireland website... :|
  13. Yeah checked it, unfortunately they don't ship outside of the UK.

    I think this is quite common however, most sites will probably just ship within the country they are based in.
  14. Well did you try ?
    they do ship to Italy but not sure how much you would have to pay...
  15. Which European country do you live in?
  16. I live In Italy
  17. Good news!

    I've found a store which sells the Xigmatek coolers pretty close to me!
    Just scroll down a bit on this page and you'll see which ones they have!

    Unless you got any other recommendations, I'll just go with the Xigmatek Dark Knight HDT-S1283
  18. The Dark Knight is an excellent choice. Here's a link to a technical review at Frosty Tech:
  19. ^+1 for the Dark Knight... Go for it :)
  20. Just made the order!
    Everything I bought the stuff I mentioned in the first post, apart from the whole cooling which was changed, didn't buy any additional case cooling and I got myself the Dark knight.

    Ended up buying this case in the end:
  21. That Thermaltake case has solid build quality and look very good too...
    Good luck with your build :)
  22. Checking some pictures and what not I noticed some photos where the Xigmatek Dark Knight was not turned with the fan blowing air towards the back of the case:

    Now seeing as my Case has a really big exhaust fan in the top of the would it be better to turn the Cooler and make sure the air gets blew upwards?
    In fact, is this even doable on an Am3 socket, or just on Intels?
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