Q6600 better overclocker chip?

I just bought a new Q6600 and I hear there are chips that were made different and better for overclocking can someone explain this? Heres my specs.

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  1. I think you might be talking about the G0 stepping, which overclocks better than the older B3. Looks like you have G0.
  2. you have speedstep enabled, and run realtemp to see what your vid is.
  3. The 45nm core 2 chips may reach higher frequencies than their 65nm counterparts.
  4. If you have just bought a new Q6600 then the cpu's that clock higher will be costing you more, so unless you have a genuine purpose for it stick with the Q6600 because it's great value right now, spend what you've saved on graphics or a monitor upgrade.
  5. As far as certain q6600 OCing better then other there are 2 big things to look at. First is the revision. The older B3 do not OC higher then the newer G0 steppings. Second is the VID, from what i understand the lower the VID the better. Your VID looks to be around 1.2 which is ideal. Some chips will be closer to 1.3 to 1.4 which means there is less headway to up the core voltage when OCing.
  6. nice, great info guys. thanks. will start to overclock soon.
  7. ^Lucky you. Thats what my stock voltage was at before I OCed. Now I have mine at 3GHz with a voltage of 1.225v. Its nice to get lucky now and then.
  8. jimmy that is before I overclocked. :( are you saying im only going to get to 3ghz!! yikes.
  9. ^No. Yours is at a great stock voltage. Mine was at 1.18v when I ran it at stock 2.4GHz. Now at 3GHz I have my voltage at 1.225v.

    The stock voltage for a Q6600 is normally 1.3v. And it can go all the way up to 1.5v (that being the worst case scenario).

    What this means is you can probably OC to 3.4GHz+ on air and be able to keep your voltage lower resulting in better temps.
  10. Am I not understanding what I am reading in his picture for core speed? Is there something wrong here, should it not say 2400.xMHz instead of 1600.2MHz
  11. Speed step is on, drops the the multiplier and core voltage to safe energy.
  12. ^you are right on the first part but funny thing is when my CPU is idle its voltage is higher than when under load. This could of course be because of VDroop being higher when under load.

    Its only by like .005v but still its strange
  13. Ah! I thought CPU-Z did a few calculations to turn it off but I see the multiplier now. Thanks Knew it must be something I was overlooking.
  14. run coretemp or realtemp to find out vid, cpu-z doesn't tell you vid.
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