BOOTMGR is missing after replacing SATA hard drive

I started having problems with me Dell laptop, and the only I was told was that it needed to replace the SATA hard drive, and it would work fine again. However, now that I have finally taken care of that issue, I continue to get "BOOTMGR IS MISSING, CNTL-ALT-DEL to restart," which doesn't work at all! Can someone PLEASE tell me what I should do to get my laptop working again?
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  1. Yes, most likely it is HDD problem.

    You can try all the methods in the link.
  2. Thank you for responding! In answer, is there a problem even if the drive is brand new, directly from Dell? If so, what should I do, buy another one?
  3. Thank you, again, Addicted, for the link you provided, and I will try to see which option I haven't already tried will actually work. God bless you! :hello:
  4. Dude!!it's because it's new!!!you just need to install a new windows 7 or 8 or any installation os you have :D don't need to buy another one :D
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