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New member here.

I've been asked to install Outlook 2003 (just the office suite, really) on a few XP workstations at my office. I've done this and the program works fine in an administrator account.

But in every other limited user account, which they must remain, Outlook.exe simply launches the Outlook installer. It attempts to decompress some files and then errors out because some .cab isn't available. It writes nothing to the Application or System event logs for reference.

I tried this even though there's nothing in the event log:
Several of the permissions on the registry keys in this solution were not available for modification at all in a local administrator account. The "Allow" column was altogether unavailable. After making the suggested changes that were available, explorer.exe stopped loading after winlogon in ALL normal user accounts and I had to do a system restore from safe mode.

I've also tried using the .msi installation cleanup utility provided by Microsoft but that rendered the whole Office Suite useless and also required system restore.

Can anyone please help me with this? Is it even possible to properly use Outlook 2003 on a limited user account? I'm about to cut my losses and install Thunderbird.

Thank you.

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  1. Problem solved.

    I had to log in under the local restricted account and run the setup. When running, it asked for credentials to install. I entered my domain admin credentials and it installed just fine.

    So... apparently... you can't install Outlook 2003 on an admin account on any XP machine and expect it to work correctly in a restricted account. That, to me, seems ridiculous. But at least it's working now.
  2. I've always installed software under the Administrator account and users who use it after that are users without local admin rights and it works fine.

    The message about asking for a ".cab file" looks like it's trying to install a feature in Outlook which wasn't installed during the original setup and probably cant' because the user doesn't have admin right. The trick I've found is that when you install Outlook (or any other office suite), you need to make sure you choose "CUSTOMIZE" and then enable *all* the features to be installed from the installer. Once I do that, I don't get the message of it installing itself all the time.
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