Probably a very simple LAN problem

Hi, I don't know much about networking, but i have two computers networked via a hub. Everything is fine, I can play LAN games on them two and one can access internet via the other, but I can not access the network, I mean I had a nework set up in my last house with 6 machines and it all worked fine, it was hardly different from this one. I am running WIndows XP Home on one and Proffesional on the other. Please advise me.

Like I said the only problem is sharing and accessing the shared files, everything else seems to work.

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  1. what are the symptoms? Is file sharing turned on (Windows XP)? Are you sharing something?

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  2. Am not sure if it is, but at one point I did manage to view shared files on other computer then it all back to normal. And yes, I am sharing stuff.
  3. Make sure both computers are part of the same workgroup, and have different IPs.

    You can ping the PCs, see if they respond. Try connecting the PCs using the IP address, see if that works.

    Intel P4 2.4B
    MSI 645E Max-U Mobo
    1GB DDR333
    R9600XT 128MB
    SB Live 5.1
    WD 60GB
    Maxtor 120GB
    LG DVD+-R/RW
  4. Make sure file and printer sharing are ticked in the LAN properties box. Also make sure that the windows network firewall is off or has been adjusted to allow this kind of traffic. You will also have to do this with any other firewall you might have. Like what was mentioned before make sure each computer belongs to the same work group and has its own IP address (seeing as you can use the net I'm guessing this is all ready done but I never hurts to check).
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