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New Build - Please review

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June 16, 2008 11:03:51 AM

I made a thread a week or so ago asking for advice, this time I have a build I'd be extremely appreciative if some hardware experts here could review.

I don't need a full system as I already have HD's(one raptor for running the OS from, and one storage drive), Thermaltake Armor Case w/ 250mm fan on side, optical drive, an old SB audigy sound card that still works fine. I need: PSU/CPU/GPU/RAM/mobo/thermal paste. I have to keep it under 750$ for what I'm getting, but I'm trying to keep it even lower either way as money is a issue right now.

I'd also like to make this last around 3-4 years if possible. Not really trying to future proof it, as I tried that with the current system and that failed miserably, just gonna get as powerful a system as I can possibly get and call it a day.

Also if it matters, I need thermal paste as well and heard good things about this stuff -

I have to order 64-bit vista from MS for only the shipping fees as well, as I already have 32-bit version. Gotta take advantage of the 4g RAM, but I'll probably dual boot for some of the older games that don't really perform well under vista.

After rebates and shipping I get around $715 between all of this. If I had about 150 more $ to toss into a SLI setup including corresponding mobo, id LOVE to go for dual 9600 GSO's( prolly, but sadly thats a little out of my range. I'd also have liked to save a little on the CPU, but the next step down was a huge step down and only saved 10$

Anyhow, I do plan to OC a little, not a lot, and am hoping I can stick with the stock heatsinks for everything if possible since won't be a large overclock.

Oh, forgot to mention this is meant STRICTLY for gaming.

Thanks a TON in advance for anyone that replies!

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June 16, 2008 11:54:35 AM

gadgetnerd said:
Good Picks i dunno about the mobo as i never used that company befor.

but for the thermal paste replace it with this.

arctic silver had it's time, but it's passe now. It's been surpassed by better thermal paste out there now. <---best one on the market now.

btw Scylas that looks like a nice build, but instead of going with a P43 board, try a P45 ...Asus, Gigabyte, or MSI
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June 16, 2008 12:12:05 PM

man you guys are awesome, such fast and good responses! btw what would the advantage of a P45 motherboard have over the one I originally picked? You guys both seem to agree on this one, so my dumb butt must be missing something, as I'm not that familiar with the different northbridge chipsets.
June 22, 2008 5:33:15 AM

I think I've decided I'm going to go with this motherboard:

and in a couple months get a second vid card just like the one I listed above(hoping newegg will still be selling it) when I can afford it, and set it up in SLI.

Any thoughts?