K8v se deluxe cant run ati x1600 pro 512!

for some reason the x1600 pro 512 agp will not work with my MB.

Right now i have an ati 9800 pro 256 and that works.

both are agp both are ati. why cant i use the x1600 pro??

asus k8v se deluxe
amd 64

Thank you.
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  1. Distracted by legs? Does the x1600 work properly in other stsyems? be sure to get the proper driver for the x1600 which would be a different driver than the 9800 uses.

    This is the driver for the x1600

  2. Oh. that was quick!

    I should have explained more. sorry.

    apon putting the 1600 pro in its slot and connecting all the cables. i reboot with "agp test failed" everytime.
  3. Try the x1600 in another computer to verify it is a good card.
  4. i did that already.

    could it be a voltage irregularity between the 2 cards.

    is this something i can set in bios.

    is there a voltage difference between the 2 cards
  5. Quote:
    i did that already.

    So, the x1600 worked properly in another computer?

    The x1600 gets 12v voltage from the AGP slot on the MB. That voltage is regulated by the MB voltage regulators. Could be driver related. If you can get to the desktop, perhaps go to control panel and delete the ATI graphics driver for the 9800. I linked the proper driver for the x1600. Also, try booting the system into Safe mode and installing the x1600 driver.
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