Silent square evo Vs Gigabyte 3D GalaxyII

silent square evo Vs Gigabyte 3D GalaxyII

which of those is better in overclocking, hope someone have a real experiment on which is better

that's all and thank's for advance
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  1. IMHO I recommend reading Conumdrum's post in the following thread:
    Cause if you want to OC I recommend building a loop from parts rather than a pre-built kit. You will get more cooling capacity and upgradability than with a kit.

  2. ^+1. Well said. Listen to Conumdrum.
  3. i want something easy and not expensive that's why i choose those two choices and if someone have something different but with the same price no problem
  4. Are we speaking air coolers or watercoolers here? Not sure exactly the model numbers of the above...I assume the 3D Galaxy is the crappy Gigabyte WC system?

    Negative, ghostrider on that one.
  5. Somewhat correct Rubix. Yes the Galaxy is Gigabytes watercooling kit. But it is ok for the price. My server runs one and is within 2-5C of ambient air temps at all times. But it is just cooling the cpu. For a basic kit it is fairly decent.

    But I would still recommend a loop that you piece together yourself as it has way more cool capacity and upgradability.

  6. I definately recommend a good loop...I don't think you could cool my machine with a crappy WC kit. I love WC...1/2 the fun is setting it up...I wouldn't do it any other way. :)
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