is Intel DP35DP a bad choice for GTX 260 and Q9450?


I got a question concerning the motherboard im planing to get,

a week ago i got most of My new PC build from USA.
The parts i got:
Intel quad core Q9450
Asus GTX 260
4GB ram
500 GB HD

so now im back to my home country and i want to get a motherbaord for that PC, and unfortunately im very limited with the choices, so far i found an Intel DP35DP.

So do you think that its a bad choice to put all the high end parts i got on that motherbaord? or it wont make a big difference?

Thanks in advance
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  1. The mb will do fine, unfortunetly intel doesn't always implement alot of oc'ing features on their mobos
  2. It's a shameful waste to be adding those components to such a dreadful mobo. If you can afford an Asus P5Q Deluxe you'll much happier.
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