Windows xp 64 bit install blue screen

Trying to install Windows XP 64bit on DELL Studio XPS 9000. It loads files and when initiating, it crashes showing me a blue screen. Does it need changes in BIOS or mabe OS is lacking certain drivers, which?
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  1. It surely sounds like either:

    1) The video card
    2) Incorrect XP drivers.

    By the way, I'm also trying to install XP Pro x64 onto my Dell StudioXPS X35T/9000.
    So far, my only limitations have been
    1) No floppy drive in computer for F6 drivers
    2) No XP 64-bit (or any) drivers for the X35T/9000 on Dell Support site.

    Where did you get your XPPro x64 drivers? I surely would appreciate link(s) to the driver-set...


    Donald L McDaniel
  2. I used Vista drivers, that should work with XP. Floppy drive is not an obstacle as you can incorporate all drivers into Windows OS using free software nLite.
    Check this link:

    Let me know if you succeeded.
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