solid state capacitors or not?


i have my eyes set on a xfx 780i sli motherboard but that doesnt come with solid state capacitors (may some but definitely not all, im not sure), should i worry about it not having all solid state capacitors?

for another £30, i can get the 780i ftw version, with all solid state capacitors, 8 phase power, ferrite core chokes, onboard power on, reset, clear cmos button (seems pretty useful).

so should I get the ftw version to ease my mind on not having to worry about the capacitors on the standard 780i popping?

i will be doing a bit of overclocking on the cpu, gpu and ram just to let you know. i'll be ordering the parts in 2 days, any quick suggestions really appreciated!
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  1. I have only had caps leak once ever. for 30$ i would take the extra featuers on the FTW board.

    Are you planning SLI? if not you should take a look at some of the Intel chipset based boards.
  2. yes im planning gtx 260 in sli, and its £30, dats about $55 US odd.

    i just have this sudden worry over the caps leak/popping. this is for a build for the next three years during my uni course which i wont be upgrading or changing anything so i just want something reliable at least.
  3. Well I am still using an old A64(PVR/File Server) board from when the chips where first released. No solid caps and its still running 24/7. Solid caps DO last longer under stress, so if you are stressing your new system, its up to you if that is worth $50 more.

    The 2 boards seem to share the same default layout(Nvidia's reference design), that said the $50 is purely down to the extra features and solid caps.
  4. If you're aiming at high overclocking, solid caps may be worth it. Running gel caps on higher than rated voltages can cause problems. Solid caps could increase stability on high oc, or at the very least, give you a peace of mind.
  5. yep go for the solid capacitors, i have bad experience with normal ones. but all depends on the inside temp of the case ,airflow and the pressure on the caps. so I think extra money worth it
  6. thanks for the replies, i think i'll get the solid capacitors board, ease my mind!

    and pay day tommorow.......ordering the lot! cant wait!
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