Aftereffects crash (0 :: 42)

I updated aftereffects one weak before. Now as i start aftereffects there comes a message "Aftereffects can't continue. Sorry, Aftereffects crashed.......(0 :: 42).... contact technical adobe technical support(2). Is there any one to help me. Please, help me.
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  1. remove aftereffects / after effects updates completely from the computer restart
    turn off firewall and anti virus
    reload all aftereffects and updates restart
    turn the firewall and antivirus back on
    update antivirus and scan entire computer

    the antivirus or firewall can prevent programs / updates from loading correctly

    using multiple, mismatched, free downloaded security programs can also cause a number of problems. get rid of them and use a real professional all in one security system.
  2. I removed aftereffects and its plugin and everything related to it. When i restarted aftereffects the following crash message comes

    After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last logged message was:<2392><ae.blitpipe><2>rect t:24.000000 l:0.000000 w:486.000000 h:355.000000

    and the program stops. The same crash message comes and the program exits. I'm tired.
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